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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Our newest Push Beauty client SANN, is about complementing your real beauty, highlighting your inner healthy, radiant glow and ensuring you feel good about what you put on your skin.

“I have always loved beauty, however, over the years I found myself completely overwhelmed by the myriad of products and the endless stream of beauty ‘must-haves’ with unpronounceable ingredients that are deemed necessary in order to look ‘beautiful'” says SANN founder Yuliya Tertilova-Kristell. “I wanted to redefine our perception of beauty by focusing on the values of what makes us truly beautiful. I was inspired by women with a point of view, a confidence, a femininity, an intellect and inner strength. SANN is my celebration of them.”

We spoke with Yuliya in the Push showroom to dive a little deeper into how beauty is more than just how we look, even when it comes to a cosmetics brand.

Why did you launch SANN and what’s the concept?
I created SANN because I felt that none of the beauty brands on the market were speaking to me. SANN, which means true, real and genuine in Swedish is a different kind of beauty brand. I think of it as the ultimate antidote to the oversaturated world of beauty. Instead of longwinded routines, innumerable shades of lipstick, constant new drops and an unhealthy obsession with anti-ageing (a term, which I think, shouldn’t even exist), SANN presents a tight, curated edit of modern, multi-functional make-up essentials to complement your inner beauty.

What do you love most about your brand?
Well, it’s really my 4th baby after the kids, so can I say everything? It took me over 3 years to create SANN, from the initial idea, to finding the right chemists and manufacturers, creating the design aesthetic, and crystallising our voice. And, of course, I am very proud of our first product, the Solid Lip Serum – which is the most amazing, nourishing, conditioning 3-in-1 lip treatment: a balm, a serum and a tint. I am convinced that you will love it too!

How does SANN empower women?
We empower women by providing them with a tightly curated edit of multi-functional makeup essentials which will streamline their beauty routine and give them more time to enjoy life. Each product comes in a concise flattering shade range, cutting out the choice fatigue, feels intuitive to apply, practical to transport and a joy to wear. Empowering women through our products, ethos and #BeautyThatUplifts initiative is very much at the core of SANN’s DNA.

Which female founders, creatives and leaders do you follow on Instagram and why?
There are far too many interesting women to mention, but I will try to limit my answer to just a few:

I like to follow Sara Blakely, founder of Spanx. Beyond revolutionising the industry by creating a whole new product category, and building an empire, she seems very down to earth, funny and an incredible mum of 4, who keeps it very real on her Instagram page.

I also have to mention Ade Hassan. We met when we both started our careers at Credit Suisse some time ago. Ade subsequently went on to start Nubian Skin, a skin tone lingerie and hosiery brand for women of colour, and I have loved watching her build her company so successfully over the years.

When it comes to holistic health and wellness, I like to follow Marie Reynolds, who is a fountain of knowledge (and her Restore Mask is a staple in my bathroom).

But it’s not just about business and health, I also enjoy following a lot of creatives, artists and photographers – and here I must mention two in particular. First one is Annie Morris – I absolutely adore Annie’s work, particularly her vibrant Stacks sculptures. I have been lucky enough to visit Annie’s studio and talk to her about her creative process, she is such a formidable, enigmatic artist.

And finally, Billie Scheepers – photographer extraordinaire. Billie shot my beautiful campaigns and interesting people as well as the launch campaign for SANN and her work is stunning! She is also a fellow mum of 3 and is just one of the coolest, fun, most easy-going people I know.

We love your concept of #BeautyThatUplifts – tell us a bit more about your social values and why they are so important to you both personally and as a brand.
#BeautyThatUplifts is about advancing women and girls globally and education is key in lifting them out of the cycle of poverty and early marriage. Being a mum of two girls and a boy myself, I was shocked to learn that 52 million girls in sub-Saharan Africa are excluded from education. When I was building SANN, it was very important for me to create products that not only make women look and feel good, but also do good, which is why for every product sold, we fund a day equivalent cost of school fees, uniforms, books, sanitary pads – everything a marginalised girl in sub-Saharan Africa may need to go to school for one day through our School Day programme in partnership with the global NGO CAMFED. I am very proud of this permanent initiative and hope that we can support many girls in years to come!

For you, what defines beauty?
Such an interesting question! I think our values are what make us truly beautiful. Kindness, intelligence, ethics, respect for ourselves and others, empathy – our core so to say. I don’t think beauty can solely be defined by how we look. It’s also the way we think and the way we act towards the world around us, and I wanted SANN to be a reminder of that.

Your philosophy in life is …
Live life fully and don’t sweat the small stuff! Create memories and experiences every single day, really savour life’s moments. I know it’s easier said than done, and I am still working on that myself, but at least I am trying!

Don’t forget to head over to the SANN website to discover their debut Solid Lip Serum and follow them on Instagram

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