A look back at Push PR 2021

What a year it has been post-pandemic. After a year of being apart, the team finally reunited in our Push HQ located in The Arts Building and the rest is history as they say. It has been another exciting year for us, perhaps not back to 100% how it was in 2019 – we really miss our big showroom events – but we continued to build strong collaborations and relationships with our clients and creatives alike. Here are some highlights of what’s been on at Push PR this year …

We welcomed some new clients into our portfolio

Crazy Angel has all your tanning needs covered. Think natural contouring, even coverage and professional results, Crazy Angel offers a sun-safe, year-round golden glow that will trick you into thinking you’ve spent 3 weeks in Ibiza.

Founded by Sarah Campus, LDN MUMS FITNESS is a holistic wellness solution that enables all women to make their health a priority, giving them a first step to getting fit for life. Sarah is on a mission to show that whether you’re an at-home mum, working mother, or just a woman who wants to change their fitness, you don’t need to spend 40-45 minutes or an hour in the gym to get your health on the right path.

Founded by fashion stylist Sophie Kennington, Let’s Get It Om offers cork yoga mats made from naturally toxin free cork that is 100% biodegradable and backed with natural tree rubber from Malaysia. Let’s Get It Om offers yoga mats that are both kind to the planet and offer a big step up in performance and hygiene over traditional yoga mats, whilst helping you to deepen your practice and inspire you to do a little bit more every day.

Mina Lee is a bespoke facial specialist who has personally battled with skincare since she was 14. Frustrated with countless dermatologist appointments which found no remedy for her skin condition, Mina joined a short course on beauty and found her calling. Since then, she has been drawing from her personal experience, wanting her clients to understand their skin to be able to better take care of it.

SANN is about naturally effortless beauty. Getting ready shouldn’t feel like a chore, and SANN offers a comprehensive collection of products in flattering shade ranges cutting out choice fatigue. No brushes or tools necessary, SANN is about complementing your real beauty, highlighting your inner healthy, radiant glow and ensuring you feel good about what you put on your skin.

We had some exciting team updates

We welcomed new Head of Beauty, Fitness & Wellbeing; Ali Taylor. Having worked within the beauty industry for 20 years, Ali has worked with a plethora of inspiring brands, including the Estée Lauder Companies. You can read our interview with Ali to find out more about her incredible career, the beauty products she can’t live without and more.

It was a successful year in terms of coverage

That’s right, we secured over 400 pieces of coverage for our clients in 2020! Here are some highlights:


· PoshPeel PediCure in Stylist’s The Best Skincare Brands Available at Boots
· Serve Chilled Rosé Eye Gels in Sheerluxe’s 20 Beauty Buys under £20
· Restoring Night Eye Gels in ELLE’s Alva Claire 5-in-5 Skincare Secrets
· Breakout Box in YOU Mag’s The Best Spot Stickers for Acne
· Keep Smiling Lip Gels in Dazed’s Digital Lavender: How to tap into the 2023 trend
· Hydrate Mask in The Telegraph’s Interview with Abbey Clancy
· Down Time Eye Gels in Glamour’s How to Create Those Relaxing ‘Lockdown Baths’

Crabtree & Evelyn

· Greece Pom Pom Slippers in Forbes’ Holiday Gift Guide
· Renew + Nourish Hand Cream in GQ’s Best Hand Creams
· Stars in The Night Room Mist in The Evening Standards’s Best Pillow Sprays and Oils for a Soothing, Sound Sleep
· Harvest Hand Cream in Culture Whisper’s Best Beauty Minis
· Scrub Up Well Body Set in Esquire’s The Best Men’s Grooming Kit on Earth, According to the Esquire Editors
· Nourish + Renew Lip Balm in The Guardian’s Bare-Faced Beauty that Takes Seconds
· The Emma Guns Show with Crabtree & Evelyn Chief Brand Officer, Ashley Souza


· Bon Wood Fragrance in Refinery 29’s Best Autumn Perfumes
· Introduction Fragrance in Grazia’s Best Men’s Fragrances to Buy This Summer

Maria Nila

· Eco Therapy Revive Masque in Who What Wear’s 5 Products We Should All Be Using for Healthy Hair This Summer
· Sheer Silver Shampoo in Get The Gloss’ The Dos and Don’ts of Using Purple Shampoo
· True Soft Argan Oil in Vogue’s Lila Moss Hair Styling Trick
· Eco Revive Shampoo & Conditioner in The Independent’s 9 Best Vegan Shampoos & Conditioners


· Grazia’s How to Keep Your Kids Healthy When It’s Cold & Miserable Outside
· Sheerluxe’s Common HIIT Mistakes That Could Be Affecting Your Workout
· Harper’s Bazaar’s The Best Virtual Postnatal Fitness Classes
· Marie Claire’s 11 Outdoor Gyms in London to Visit
· Metro’s Why Buddying Up is The Key to a Successful Workout
· Stylist’s Can TikTok’s 12-3-30 Treadmill Walking Workout Actually Improve Your Fitness?
· Women’s Health How to Get a Smaller Waist


· DOSE’s What to Spend Your Money on in May 2021
· The Times’ Top Ten Health Trends for 2021
· The Evening Standard’s HigherDOSE Sauna Blanket review
· Balance’s Founder Focus: Katie Kaps & Lauren Berlingeri of HigherDOSE
· Country & Townhouse’s Wellness Trends 2021
· Metro’s Lust List
· YOU Mag’s Susannah Taylor: My boil-in-the-bag therapy
. Vogue’s Fitness Christmas Gift Guide

We launched some more exciting collections and campaigns

The Maria Nila Friendly Year

Every year on November 1st, Maria Nila starts The Friendly Year. This calendar year consists of a larger charity campaign during World Vegan Day and throughout the year, a new addition of The Friendly Reader, and a final donation to a specific wildlife-cause. For 2022, Maria Nila Friendly Year aims to support our tree-dwelling friends, the Sloths. Find out more here.

The Crabtree & Evelyn Launched The Greece Collection

Following the success of 2020’s Bali Collection, Crabtree & Evelyn launched the second instalment of the brand’s Exploration Series. Inspired by a love for adventure, travel and building cultural connections around the world, the collection is a discovery of mainland Greece and some of its surrounding islands. Designed to evoke the country’s rich history and culture, the capsule brings a series of treasured ‘souvenirs’ from Greece to your home. Find our more here.

The Crabtree & Evelyn 50th Anniversary

This summer, Crabtree & Evelyn celebrated 50 years of exploration; from the trips that connected people and cultures across the world, to the collections that give back to local communities and the encounters that help create products that act as treasured souvenirs. For the occasion, we worked with Lili Vanilli Bakery to create one-of-a-kind mini cakes to celebrate Crabtree & Evelyn’s 50th Anniversary.

Maria Nila Launched Eco Therapy Revive

As a way to embrace their philosophy on sustainable beauty, Maria Nila took the next step towards a friendlier world with the launch of a new 3-step-regimen line; Eco Therapy Revive. This new series aims to revive the hair with micellar cleansing technology and botanical proteins and is the first wetline from Maria Nila to have a natural and organic formula, certified by Ecocert. For the launch, we worked with International Session Stylist, Syd Hayes, who stated: “This is the future of haircare”. Find out more here.

Patchology Serve Chilled Rosé Eye Gels & Sheet Mask

To launch the new Patchology Rosé Eye Gels and Sheet Mask, Push PR executed a creative mailer activation for key media and influencers. This unique hamper included the new Patchology products, a bottle of Whispering Angel rosé, custom glasses created by The Glass Studio in collaboration with By Alice and a box of custom bubble chocolates, a nod to the ‘bubble technology’ found in the Patchology products.

LDN MUMS FITNESS 15 Minutes With …

Push PR worked with LDN MUMS FITNESS founder Sarah Campus to launch the weekly ’15 Minutes With” series on Instagram. Each week, creatives, female founders, experts and more are featured, sharing their daily routines and tips & tricks, encourage all women to prioritise their health and mental wellbeing. This series was created to widen the LDN MUMS FITNESS network and community, allowing followers to discover new people of influence aligned with LDN MUMS FITNESS. Guests have included mum-influencer Kelly Taylor, yoga teacher & healing space creator Aysha Bell, world record holder Purusha Gordon, health coach & mindfulness teacher Louise Barton, model, influencer, blogger and mumpreneur Juste J, and Olympian, personal trainer and life coach Michelle Griffith-Robinson to name a few.

Thank you to everyone who has continued to work with us and support us. We look forward to another exciting year ahead!

Push x

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