Biohacking, what’s it all about?

DIY biology, who would have thought?! You may have heard about it, but may not be quite sure as to what it is, but our Beauty, Fitness & Wellbeing team are here to walk you through all you need to know about biohacking.

Biohacking is the idea that we can use science and biology to ‘hack’ our bodies to become stronger, build a better immune system, increase energy or try to live longer. Many biohacking techniques have been around for centuries – think meditation, fasting and cleanses – while others rely on cutting-edge technology and data to optimise the body.

The field of biohacking is expanding rapidly to beauty and wellness – thanks in part to women innovators. Biohacking has been primarily a male-dominated industry, but women innovators are leading the way in understanding how biohacking can improve your lifestyle. Ranging from building healthy everyday practices, to the more technological such as the Higherdose PEMF Mat or Sauna Blanket.

“Women make the best biohackers because they are typically more in tune with their bodies”; says Dave Asprey, founder of Bulletproof, for Well and Good. “Women go through changes every month and naturally find ways to deal with things like cravings, low energy and pain.”

Our client HigherDOSE, founded by biohacker extraordinaires Lauren Berlingeri and Katie Kaps, seek out the best and most innovative methods in the business to up your DOSE naturally. Their infrared heat focused PEMF Mat and Sauna Blanket leverage the ultra-therapeutic combo of Infrared Heat, Crystal Therapy and Negative Ion Therapy to produce a balanced experience for a better mood and optimal wellbeing. The core of HigherDOSE’s mission is spreading the incredibly powerful benefits of infrared to the masses including; stimulating natural healing functions, boosting the immune system, increasing circulation, promoting better sleep and feeling more energised.

No need to do endless research, head over to @higherdose to find all the information you need regarding the benefits of infrared. If you’re on the lookout for a community of like-minded individuals that focus on health optimisation over on @biohackerlondon. For a more holistic approach to your selfcare, we recommend @biohackingbrittany who shares her insights on optimal health, and to get the low-down on the biggest upcoming trends, @biohackersummit is a yearly event which focuses on optimising your health and performance through biohacking

It’s time to hack your way to longevity and find the balance that works for your natural self.

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