New client win; Let’s Get It Om

Don’t wait until the New Year to set your intentions and good habits. We’ve got the perfect yoga mat at Push HQ that will give you the jump start and inspiration you need. Introducing our newest Push client; Let’s Get It Om.

Let’s Get It Om was founded by fashion stylist Sophie Kennington and offers cork yoga mats made from naturally toxin free cork that is 100% biodegradable, backed with natural tree rubber from Malaysia. We spoke with Sophie about the importance of balance both in your professional life and on the mat.

You’re a fashion stylist with over 20 years of commercial & editorial experience, how did you get into yoga?
I started yoga when I was really young! We lived in Canada and my mum used to take me to her yoga classes from about the age 6.

What was it about yoga that made you want to create your own mats?
I wasn’t enjoying the feel of the mats in the yoga studios where I was doing classes and equally the mats which were available to buy for home use weren’t giving me everything I wanted!

Most of the mats on the market are made from synthetic PVC and if you get hot they can get slippery. Our offer is a big step up in performance over traditional yoga mats. Then there was also the hygiene aspect of mats used by everyone in a studio and if they were getting cleaned properly. Cork has incredible natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties; bacteria, viruses and fungi can’t survive on it. Cork contains compounds which kill bacteria and fungus. A cork yoga mat is naturally self-cleaning, the only maintenance it needs is the occasional wipe down with a damp cloth.

Cork offers a natural, warm nourishing place for your practice. It feels great on bare skin. It has a smooth, non sticky soft texture and its hypoallergenic qualities make it ideal for anyone with sensitive skin. The surface has a unique texture that is both elastic and firm with millions of tiny air bubbles inside each cork cell that act to cushion and rebound weight. By absorbing energy on impact it keeps you stable on your mat, supporting you in even the most demanding postures.

The other thing I found is that a lot of the traditional mats were not the kind of thing you would want to keep out in your home. Our mats look so good you won’t want to put them away and we believe that will help you to deepen and enhance and develop your practice.

How do you find the time to juggle being a freelance fashion stylist and a yoga mat business owner?
Ha now that’s a question! I am super busy with both at the moment which is exciting!

I set a few intentions with this business when I started out and that was to bring joy with the product and to give something back that could make a difference. One of my sons has a super rare genetic condition and the journey to accessing appropriate support for him has been so challenging and stressful. So I am planning to partner with a charity that supports children and families who are in a similar situation. Keep an eye out on our social!

Do you find that there is a certain synergy between being a fashion stylist and creating the aesthetics of your yoga mats?
I have shot in some amazing places and I felt that none of the yoga mats on the market were the kind of thing you would want to leave out in your home. So many people are design conscious now, but the yoga mats available did not seem to reflect that. They just did not seem to have a contemporary feel that you could weave into a modern interior – the garish colours and materials, often plastic – none of it seemed to work with how we furnish our homes so I felt like it was time for there to be something that works alongside a stylish interior, and to have a mat that you can leave out all the time and not be trying to hide it when guests come round! Plus, we think this will inspire you to do a little bit more yoga every day, and what could be better than that?!

What has been the inspiration behind the drawings/illustrations on your yoga mats?
I have always loved vintage interiors and used to have a small business selling vintage furniture. Specifically, I have always loved those vintage botanical drawings and some of the 1930s palm prints. I have a dear friend, Hannah Revel, who is an incredible print designer and she brought my ideas to life!

Where is the most unusual place that you’ve practiced yoga?
Hmm good question! I have travelled a lot with work and been lucky enough to visit some amazing remote places. I will always remember going to an eco resort in Baja, California over 20 years ago – it was way ahead of its time -they did yoga looking out to the sea.

And finally, yoga in the morning or after a long day on set?
Both of course! But the reality of life means I am more likely to practice in the evening. If I have the time, I also love yoga in the morning with some intention setting for the day.

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