NEW Maria Nila Gift Boxes 2021

The recently launched Maria Nila Gift Boxes are a celebration of our planet and animal wild life. In collaboration with the creative artist Cajsa Wessberg, each box is a unique creation with a fantasy world capturing different Frame of Minds inspired by the Care & Style series.

Casja is a Swedish artist, illustrator and model who describes herself as a “plant eater and animal friend”, so there is no doubt that Cajsa and Maria Nila share a similar philosophy.

The new Maria Nila Holiday boxes are made out of recycled carton and designed to be reused as a “beauty depot”, perfect to store beauty accessories in the bathroom, such as cotton pads and buds, or favourite pencils or accessories at a working station. As an extra gift, these boxes contain the popular Maria Nila Cream Heat Spray in 75ml to truly give nourished hair throughout the holiday season!

Each box contains a Shampoo 350ml and Conditioner 300ml for specific hair types along with Maria Nila Cream Heat Spray 75ml. As will all Maria Nila products, the Gift Boxes are 100% vegan and animal friendly.

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