Crabtree & Evelyn launches new Greece Collection

Following the success of 2020’s Bali Collection, Crabtree & Evelyn launches the second instalment of the brand’s Exploration series. Inspired by a love for adventure, travel and building cultural connections around the world, the latest collection is a discovery of mainland Greece and some of its surrounding islands.

Designed to evoke the country’s rich history and culture, the capsule brings a series of treasured ‘souvenirs’ from Greece to your home. Comprising a curation of lifestyle products and accessories, from spa-ready silk sea sponges to ceramic herb planters, the capsule has been co-created with skilled Greek artisans that Crabtree & Evelyn’s Exploration Team met throughout their travels.

Inspired by the Greek way of living, from the generosity of the locals and the philosophy of ‘Philotimos’, to the country’s awe-inspiring geological wonders, ancient cosmetics and rich, natural ingredients, Crabtree & Evelyn’s Exploration Team made a pilgrimage to the small island of Kefalonia as their starting point. Personifying the idea of ‘Xenia’ (an ancient Greek code that calls on showing kindness and generosity to strangers) their host, Stella, introduced the team to a group of local olive oil farmers – a meeting that sparked a series of introductions to artisans, friends, jewellers and designers across the country.

This is how the team met Myrto, a ceramicist working in Athens, who not only created some of the collection’s pieces, but also introduced them to Pnoi Agapis (translated as ‘Breath of Love’). The organisation works with adult patients (and their families/carers) affected by life-limiting illnesses, and Myrto’s aim is to set up art therapy intervention to help support them. As a way to give back to the country and its community, Crabtree & Evelyn launches the Greece Collection as a charity partnership with Pnoi Agapis, donating 5% of profits across the entire collection and 100% of the profits from the Ceramic Dish in Ochre to the charity.

For more information of Crabtee & Evelyn or the Greece Collection, please contact Nicole Verdugo at

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