London Marathon Training with Push Girl Emee Culpeper

Thinking of running a marathon? What better way to kick off the upcoming September refresh than with a new challenge. Whether you’re a first time marathoner, or a first time runner, our Push fitness girl Emee has got you covered when it comes to how to train. We’ve been stalking her Instagram stories of her runs lately so we thought we would sit down and get the low down on how she’s training for the upcoming London Marathon.

Is this your first marathon?
Yes, this is my first! I’ve done a few half marathons in the past, but nothing quite like this yet. And even before I’m doing the London Marathon, I’m actually going to be taking part in this year’s Hackney Half Marathon as well.

What drove you to do a marathon in the first place?
It was due to my brother really. A few years ago he did the London Marathon and it truly inspired me. I since grew a love for running to help with a healthy mindset. Then after losing a very significant person in my life, I thought I would put my passion into something which I could contribute to; a charity which supports other suffering families.

How often do you run and for how long?
At the moment I run at least 3 times a week from 5-10k on a normal basis – which has been upped due to training. The London Marathon is 42km!

Do you find that it’s all about speed or endurance?
Endurance and stamina for sure! A lot of people ask what time I run a certain amount of kms in, but for me honestly I just enjoy the run itself and if a good times comes with it, it’s a plus!

Do you use any apps or training programs?
Strava is my go to! It tracks each of your runs in terms of distance and location, giving you live split times and also providing you with stats post-run which automatically compares to previous runs. The app also gives you the opportunity to opt into monthly challenges, connect with friends and more. Alongside Strava, my Apple Watch also has a fitness tracker which links to my Strava for my daily movement and exercise. Would 100% recommend.

How do you find the motivation to run each time?
I think of the feeling whilst running and especially that post-run adrenaline which keeps that serotonin topped up, body feeling fresh, as well as shaking off any negative energy or tense feelings from the day.

Morning or evening run?
Evening run! I love my sleep and bed too much

Are you involved in any running groups or community groups to keep you motivated?
I run with a few Run Through organised events a year and recently started running with a group in Earlsfield

Nutrition – give us the lowdown – what do you eat to fuel your body for a marathon?
Water is everything! I currently drinks up to a pint / pint and a half of water an hour before running, making sure I haven’t eaten for 2 hours before running. If I run for longer than an hour, it is advices to use SIS energy gels which help keep your salt levels up as well as ensuring a slow release of energy.

Our client Sarah Campus from LDN MUMS FITNESS has also been giving me some great nutrition tips to prevent injury:
– Consumer adequate calcium and vitamin D. Helps to prevent stress fractures. Foods including milk, yoghurt, broccoli, kale, spinach and pak choy.
– Consumer antioxidant rich foods with healthy fats to combat inflammation. Think colourful fruits and veg. Aim for 5 a day and 30 different plant varieties a week.
– Ensure you’re consuming enough calories. Eating enough for you body and training ensuring you replenish your glycogen stores and replenish muscle tissue at rest.
– Consume enough protein with BCAA to prevent muscle degradation and strains. Think steak, eggs, tuna, salmon, lentils, beans and chickpeas.

Help support Emee as she runs for Alzheimer’s Society

Push x

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