Unlock the doors to our NEW client The Eden Room

Have you got 5 minutes to feel better? That’s all you’ll need with our new client; The Eden Room.

The Eden Room was born out of a vision and a need for a global sanctuary that anyone can enter when they need a space to breathe – anytime, anywhere. A collective of wellbeing and ancient wisdom curated for modern living, all in one place and at your fingertips.

If you missed our big client announcement on Instagram LIVE last week, we caught up a second time with Co-Founder Rebecca Morgan and Kat Dever on how The Eden Room can help you feel empowered and nurtured …

Tell us a little bit about yourselves, how did the idea of The Eden Room come about?

Becky: I had an incredible career in the music industry and Kat has worked in the field of spiritual healing, coaching and energy. After lockdown, enjoying some much missed and much needed mum chats whilst the kids played in the sunshine, the idea of The Eden Room bubbled up and seemed to take a life of its own.

Kat: The vision was to create a global sanctuary, available for a woman with a full plate, at her fingertips anytime she just needs to chill out, re-centre or wishes to discover more about areas of wellbeing and spirituality she can’t easily find in the mainstream, in one curated edit.

How would you define wellness & wellbeing post-pandemic?

Kat: Post-pandemic there’s a paradox. We want to go deeper, with less time or effort – we are exhausted from holding so much. We need ease, comfort and speed, whilst also craving new frontiers and truly be willing to look and see where our lives need to change to align with our true selves. Post-pandemic we will continue to see more change and coping with change can be scary and stressful – that’s where The Eden Room comes in.

Who is The Eden Room for?

Becky: The Eden Room member have no time to waste. She wants to live fully. To show up for herself, her loved ones, her calling and the planet. She knows success, happiness, fulfilment, and even love, all start within her and she’s ready to go beyond the everyday to cultivate an extraordinary life.

Tell us about the different rooms within The Eden Room, what can members expect from each?

Kat: There are 4 rooms to optimise transition times throughout the day. A great morning starts the night before with a good night’s sleep. So, we recommend choosing from the selection of candlelit yoga to sleep hypnosis in Restore so your body is relaxed, in the parasympathetic rest. After a deep restful night, the Rise window will have you setting up the day on the right foot. You might choose a 5-minute stretch and an affirmation set or a morning meditation. Then, when you hit your desk, it’s time to get focused which is the perfect moment for the sound bowls in the Thrive window so you can get your brain in the optimum state for creativity, flow and productivity. After work, it’s time to move out of our ‘hunter’ mode and into the ‘gatherer’. Press reset in the Revive window with some post-desk pilates or a bitesize breath work session.

Becky: We’ve worked hard so that these rooms are quick, easy to grab, on-the-go and optimise your being at different points of the day; creating definition and delineation to your structure and giving you back your time! The other room is Evolve for beyond everyday intrigue and education, with subjects like tantra, spirituality, creativity and beyond.

What do you feel The Eden Room has brought to you on a personal level?

Kat & Becky: There has been so much growth and so many lessons! It’s bringing us so much adventure and fun, and a huge amount of challenges, but in the best way. We are learning so much about trusting the process, and working in partnership and collaboration with others has been incredibly powerful.

What has been the challenge in starting a company during lockdown?

Kat & Becky: Where to start?! Having the ‘bandwidth’ to hold everything, we have been stretched through this time in so many ways. We’ve squeezed in so many calls and meetings whilst juggling the children, the home – everything! Making time for our own wellbeing by using The Eden Room has been a big help.

Top 3 takeaways you want people to have from The Eden Room?

Becky: (1) That you are enough and deserve to feel good (2) That wellbeing doesn’t have to take an hour a day or involve waking up with the 5-am club – just 5-minutes here and there, little and often, can be hugely beneficial (3) That we are all different, there is no one-size fits all, so pick what you like from the variety and see what works for you! Try it and move on if you don’t get a result until you find your perfect combination!

And finally, the secret is out! You have an exciting two-day retreat coming up, can you tell us a bit more as to what attendees can expect?

Kat: The big reveal!! We’re so ready to welcome our tribe to this Summer Solstice Celebration; Unbound! You can expect to feel really held and nurtured by a team with expertise hosting events and facilitating transformation that combines well over 100-years of experience. You will be able to let go of some baggage, gain clarity and insight and lead feeling grounded and stronger in who you are and what you want. We will be holding a special ritual in the woods in the early evening that focuses on manifesting, which involves a particular breathing technique and a blindfold dance that is held in sacred space. Throughout the retreat, we will be facilitating you to get the breakthroughs and space you need to go to your next level. It’s going to be fun, feminine and freeing for anyone who feels they need to get out of any ruts in their life and reimagine their best future.

We are honoured to share this work with you and can’t wait! There will of course be amazing food, luxurious camping and time for sharing, connection and dancing to some great music.

Visit theedenroom.com to become a member and claim your space to the upcoming Unbound retreat (20th-21st June)
Follow @the_edenroom for event updates and more

For PR enquiries, please contact emee@pushpr.co.uk

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