How to create your own French at-home spa; top tips from our resident French girl

Lockdown season 2 affecting us in more ways than we can imagine. So much so, our Brand Manager Astrid headed back to her home in Paris just to make sure she is able to get home to her family in time for Christmas. We’re going to have a lot of time on our hands again over the weekends, so we spoke with Astrid from across the Channel about how to create the perfect French girl at-home spa experience in London with classic French beauty products tried and tested ….

Interestingly enough, I wouldn’t consider myself a beauty or skincare-guru, however as a French-native – and lucky me, with a mother that works in a pharmacy back in Paris – I have had the ability to try countless samples of classic French skincare products.

When I moved to London 5 years ago, one thing which was difficult to say goodbye to were my French products and the classic French pharmacy. Boots and Superdrug just weren’t doing it for me – sorry! Enter, The French Pharmacy. I first discovered it on Instagram and I was like a kid in a candy store. Suddenly the products I grew up using were at my disposal across the Channel.

With the latest government announcements in regards to a second lockdown, self-care goes a long way, so I’ve looked at The French Pharmacy to give you a roundup of some of the best tried and tested products in creating your very own at-home spa experience …



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