Fine jewellery brand ELI-O introduces an exclusive ‘Messages of Legacy’ Edit

Geneva based fine jeweller Elisa Pantazopoulos took to her bench when lockdown hit to do what she does best; underpin emotional connections with beautiful hand crafted keepsake pieces. Elisa’s eponymous handmade jewellery brand, ELI-O, has quickly become a cult label amongst the values-based cognoscenti worldwide. Elisa gathers inspiration from the world around her, culture, travel and deep-rooted heartfelt connections to those who wear her pieces. During this year, Elisa has quickly secured recognition for her emotive ‘Messages of Hope’ pieces.

“I was suddenly receiving orders with beautiful message requests. Orders going to loved ones, friends, partners all sending ‘Messages of Hope’. I was struck by the raw, beautiful and powerful words they were requesting for the accompanying notes. As a jewellery designer who truly believes in the emotional power of jewellery and its ability to create closeness & comfort, this confirmed my beliefs and values. It’s why I do what I do. My jewellery brings emotional connections between people through beautiful hand-crafted pieces, handmade with love, by me”

As time has evolved during the pandemic, as has the messaging Elisa has been exposed to through her private clients – many of whom went from visiting her workshop in Geneva, to instead organising virtual appointments to discuss their commissions. Elisa designs from social observation and with an instinct for what her clients want and how they are feeling. “Whilst Hope is still huge, I have noticed a new wave of messaging. This has inspired me to create these new pieces which reflects what I feel we all need right now. I’m really excited to introduce this message and for people to own these pieces to give them strength as we navigate our next wave of the pandemic”

Introducing ‘Messages of Legacy’. “When I thought about what the world needs and what the future holds, three key themes kept coming up; Peace, Freedom and Environmental Abundance. So I set about creating pieces symbolic of these themes and drawing on my Greek Heritage which is a huge part of ELI-O and my signature. Irini, Eleutheria and Demeter are my new shining lights, marking this moment in time and representing Peace, Freedom and Environmental Abundance”

Irini ~ means “peace” in Greek. Inspired by Picasso’s painting to represent Elisa’s love for art, a carved dove holding an olive brand features. The olive brand is found in Greek mythology and was one of the attributes of the Greek goddess Irini. Athena competed against Poseidon for possession of Athens by planting the first olive tree. The court of gods and goddesses ruled for Athena over Poseidon as she had given the city the greatest gift: the first olive tree. It symbolises peace and prosperity. “At a time where there has been such heartache and unrest in the world, this symbolic emblem of peace becomes a focal point when we need grounding”

Eleutheria ~ was the personification of Liberty in Greek mythology. During 2020 we have all felt caged, trapped, limited and shackled on so many levels. This message of freedom is crucial at this unprecedented time. “We are all craving the freedom we not so long ago took for granted. Never will we again. I wanted to offer a piece which would recognise the freedom we had and that we will have this again”. Three hand-crafted in wax then cast birds feature on the coin from afar. They have flown. They are free. May we all know that freedom once more.

Demeter ~ the goddess of the harvest and agriculture, presiding over grains and the fertility of the earth. She was known as the giver of food and grain; giving abundance. In a world where so many have suffered hardship and austerity – from financial as the global economy buckles under the pressure, to the emotional drought of being away from loved ones and loss – Elisa wants to champion recovery, repair and healing through this piece. She wants to pass on the legacy of protecting Mother Nature, that when we paused on everyday life, nature took over again. “I have seen so much suffering. My wish is that these pieces will be received, cherished and valued to mark this time and they all become their own Messages of Legacy”

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