Scents of optimism for the winter

The days are shorter, the sun sets faster, winter is well upon the capital city. As we continue to navigate through the unknown for what awaits us this end of 2020, we are gearing ourselves up for a non-traditional winter season.

Mental health and wellbeing has been a pivotal point this year. And though many are still feeling a sense of lethargic in their everyday routine, scents can have a true lasting effect on our emotions, moods and even ability to get work done. We’ve highlighted the key top notes we’ll be turning to this season to help get us through the tunnel and closer to the light that is spring-summer 2021 (minus Covid we hope).


A mood-boosting scent, citrus gives a vitamin-C hit to your senses and is known to relieve stress and leave you with feelings of positivity. From grapefruit and oranges to the most popular lemon, citrus-infused candles and home fragrances help to transform your mood no matter which side of the bed you stepped out of.


Lavender’s properties are all about stabilising your emotional stressers. With a soothing effect, lavender has been know to improve your mood, whilst relieving any anxious feelings you may be holding back. Commonly found in home fragrances, candles and even mood rollers, lavender has become an essential essential oil for many this past year.


Love it or hate it, rose is known as acting like a sort of antidepressant for your senses. From relieving anxiety and stress – even during a panic attack – to mood boosting properties, especially during the winter time, rose essential oils give a whiff of spring for listless days.


As we head into the festive season, cinnamon is definitely a must to bring a soft, warm, autumnal scent into your home. With stimulating properties, cinnamon helps to boost your mental capacities and your memory as well as helping to boost your mood. As the days become shorter, cinnamon is a welcomed scent into our homes to lift our concentration and festive mood.


The perfect way to kick-start the week, rosemary’s earthy tones help to stimulate focus and clarity whilst fighting against migraines or mental fatigue. For the days you lack energy in the morning, light up a rosemary-infused candle, or apply a mood roller on your pulse points and temples, inhale and let the transformative scent envelop you into a cocoon of focus and energy.

Push Team x

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