Let’s talk Mental Health with Caroline Britton

Sit back and grab your morning brew as we talk all things mental health today.

This year’s World Mental Health Day theme is ‘mental health for all’. Never has this statement been more important than now. From letting go of your fear, to conditioning yourself to believe you deserve the best, we spoke with self-made entrepreneur, healer, spiritual teacher and business coach Caroline Britton about the key to doing a bit of internal work on yourself in order for you to find balance within your mind …

This year’s World Mental Health Day theme is ‘mental health for all’. Do you think there is still a stigma when it comes to talking about our mental health within our society?
I think we have made huge strides, but there is still work to be done. I do feel positive about it though. I can see that children are being encouraged to share their feelings at school and there is a rise in higher profile people coming out and talking about their own experience with mental health struggles. As a society we can do more and it’s imperative that we start with children when they are young – less of a focus on achieving and more of a focus on happiness and valuing themselves as enough.

Social media has opened the doors to a broader conversation about mental health, but do you think it can also have a negative effect?
Social media needs to be taken with a pinch of salt. Yes, it can be great for opening up important conversation and for helping people to feel heard and seen, but on the other side it is often presenting a false image of having these perfect lives. It encourages people to compare and to look externally for validation – something that can be detrimental to inner contentment.

Do you think that working from home during lockdown has had a negative effect on people’s mental health?
Yes and no. Yes, because humans need social interaction, we need touch and connectedness and community. These are vital to our wellbeing. On the other hand, people slowed down , got to spend more time evaluating what is important and realised what truly matters to them.

Tell us a little bit more about your own healing & intuition sessions you offer to your followers.
For me the most important thing I help people do is to connect to who they really are and all the wonders our internal world can offer us – from intuitive guidance to knowing we have everything we need inside of us. I work with people to help them see beyond the limiting beliefs, stories, conditioning and to realise that they can be, do and have anything they want. And that they are deserving of it too. We hold so much in our mind, body and energy field so I do a lot of deep release work. Once we change the way we view ourselves and the world it is a total game changer.

What do you think is the best way to cut out the noise and listen to what we need/want and connect to ‘who we really are’?
To stop valuing the cerebral over the heart and intuition. We are so lucky as humans to have this in-built guidance system, but we often don’t make the time and space for it.

My top tips for connecting to the real you:
1. Meditate and ask the real you what she wants. How does she feel? How can she express herself?
2. Follow your gut and do something incredibly courageous based on it. Every day.
3. Journal about what you really want from your life. You will know because it will feel good – whatever feels good to you then write that
4. Follow the joy. That’s her. Do more of what makes you happy
5. Be kind – use praise rather than blame. Focus your energy on you and what you want.
6. Be grateful for what you have, but don’t keep yourself small because you have guilt about wanting more. We are all deserving of everything we want and more.
7. Start today. Tell your ego to pipe own and don’t buy into your fear. Instead start creating the life you really want. One step at a time.

What inspires you the most on days where you need it the most?
Every day I lean into showing up and BEING the version of me that is living the life of her dreams and I mean the BIG dream.

I lean into the version of me that has unlocked every part of her soul’s desire and her reason for being here. The version of me that has realised everything she ever dreamed of. The best-selling author, the international speaker, the spiritual coach to the most influential people in the world. The writer, the seer, the Priestess, the healer, the spiritual guide for millions.

Every day I ask myself THIS …
How does she show up for life, business, relationships and her body?
How does she spend her money?
What does she know to be true about life and the universe?
How does she speak, act and think?
What does she believe to be true?
What does she know to be true?
What kind of decisions does she make?
Then I embody it every day. I embody her every day. I act from the place of the future me every day.

Winter is around the corner and we’re all holding our breath for the announcement of a potential second lockdown, what are some of the best tips you give to your followers to navigate through difficult times?
The more we focus on the fear, the more we see of it. This is not about minimalising what is happening or ignoring the practical measures we need to take.

But this is about us using our energetic frequency as a force for good. Think about gratitude for what we do have. Think about turning the fear into an opportunity to ask ‘who needs more love at the moment’. Use the power of prayer and intention to focus on healing and support. Send out thoughts of compassion and love. Ask yourself daily … how can I be of service to others? That question is needed more than ever.

See the good in this, as bleak as it seems. Listen to the stories of community, neighbours singing to each other in Italy, people checking on those in need. Even focus on the seemingly trivial like the banter with your friends over a school lock down or that you know that if things really hit the fan, many of us have people who will help us, care about us, support us.

Any final tips on how we can rewire ourselves to stop having negative thoughts?
Every thought we think, feeling we have, word we speak, action we take is focusing energy. Whether you understand why or not. I want you to really lock this in.

You are incredibly powerful. When you truly wrap your head around that and know that you have the power to emit and focus a frequency of energy to attract everything you desire … it becomes a game changer.

So I want you to start here.

Get our your journal and connect into this question … see what stream of consciousness flows …

What if things just get better and better for me? What does that look like? Feel like? What is happening in all areas of my life?

Allow yourself to go there, to open up, to expand. You will feel your expansion … you will feel you opening up. You will feel the energetic shift.

And then it may come … those creeping doubts, that fear of having more, of having it all. Of why me, how me … of who am I to have all of this?

And this is when the pivotal moment comes.

I want you to unsubscribe to anything, but the belief if gets better and better. That you become more and more abundant. That you are more and more supported.

I want you to start nudging into that next level.

Start unsubscribing to anything that contradicts it. Start forming a different belief that you always get to have more of what you desire. Start locking in the belief that by feeling that everything is consistently improving … it HAS to happen.

Caroline has been featured in Forbes, The Telegraph, Red Magazine, The Metro and appeared as an expert commentator in many other publications and featured on numerous podcast interviews. Through a combination of energy work, strategy, healing, intuition – Caroline helps you to know yourself more fully, create a life you truly love, heal trauma, connect to your soul and become more spiritually connected. Visit her website for more information.

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