Step into a world of exploration with the new Crabtree & Evelyn Bali Collection

“I couldn’t think of a message better that that of the Balinese people – balance and duality. The Balinese believe that everything exists in a duality and the universe constantly adjusts itself to bring about the perfect equilibrium. The Bali Collection is an array of artisan goods and ingredient inspiration from our time on the island, but our stories are the real gift. We hope it allows our customers a moment of balance and shift in perspective. To embrace the low moments as much as the high ones”Ashley Souza, Chief Brand Officer.

Crabtree & Evelyn‘s founder, Cyrus Harvey, was fuelled by cultural connection. Their recent rebrand sought to harness his global appreciation, authentically exploring the world and bringing customers a ‘souvenir’ of their experience.

Today marks the launch of The Bali Collection, the brand’s first exploration collection. Crabtree & Evelyn’s Exploration Team visited the island many times, forging deep connections with local Balinese people. These first-hand, intimate experiences and personal stories have now been transformed into a holistic lifestyle product portfolio. Get ready to experience the scents, textures and patterns of Bali that will immerse you in the warmth and balance of Balinese life.

The collection features a range of skincare and body care products that celebrate traditional Balinese ingredients and wellness practices, capturing the intoxicating scents of the island. The collection also launches with a selection of artisan objects and accessories handmade by the island’s craftsmen and women. We spoke with Ashley to get the low-down on the stories behind the collection …

What was the inspiration behind the Bali Collection and how did it come about?
Our Exploration Team had been traveling the globe, exploring different countries looking for the perfect place to inspire our first capsule collection. My mission for this launch was to go much deeper into the connection with the people and their culture; to offer a piece of enlightenment to our community. After multiple trips, we still hadn’t found what we were looking for. I decided to board a plane to my happy place, Bali, to regroup – and then it hit me. Bali was it. In today’s chaotic world of conservatism vs liberalism, hustle vs happiness, expectations vs reality, I couldn’t think of a message better than that of the Balinese people – balance and duality.

What does this Bali collection offer to the consumer?
The Bali Collection is an eclectic array of artisan goods and ingredient inspiration from our times on the island. However our stories, the messages we have picked up along the way, and the narrative provided by the people of Bali are the real gifts to our customers. We hope it allows them a moment of balance, and a shift in perspective to embrace the low moments of life as much as the high ones.

What product did you first choose for the collection?
Our incense sticks. Incense is the smell of Bali. You can smell it as soon as you step off the plane and the sumptuous scent surrounds you, clinging to the island air on those balmy days and nights. Our incense sets the tone for the collection. We want it to be the entryway to The Bali Collection in the same way that incense welcomes you in Bali when you first arrive. It’s the start of the journey.

How does the Bali collection give back to the community?
5% of all Bali Collection sales and 100% of the Printed Knot Green Headband sales will be donated to The WAS Foundation, founded by a Balinese friend of the brand, Wayan. His foundation aims to empower the local community in three key areas: environment, social and education. Crabtree & Evelyn also provides a monthly sponsorship to the foundation to help pay staff, buy equipment and allow the team to continue the outstanding work they do in their community as Bali rebuilds its economy and tourism industry after the Covid-19 pandemic. The WAS Foundation supports the community by offering complimentary lessons in languages, yoga, meditation and helps to protect the environment with beach cleanups and recycling workshops.

How is the founder of Crabtree & Evelyn, Cyrus Harvey, still part of the story today?
Over the past year, we’ve gone through a major rebrand process, reviving our founder’s vision for a new generation. We didn’t reinvent ourselves, we’re returning to the roots put down by entrepreneur, nature enthusiast, and wanderluster, Cyrus Harvey in 1972. Cy explored the world, connecting communities and cultures through storytelling and products. His window to the wider world inspired generations and we wanted to continue our story from what he began.

For more information on Crabtree & Evelyn and The Bali Collection, please contact Nicole Verdugo at

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