Post-lockdown fitness trends you’ll want to follow

Whether at home or out in the city, it’s time to take the plunge into the next phase of your fitness & wellbeing journey. For National Fitness day, the Push Team have scoured social media in the search for the post-lockdown fitness trends we’ll be keeping an eye out for …

On-the-go fitness

We always love a new app on our phone. Though this year’s lockdown has limited our ability to go outside on a regular basis, it did give us the opportunity to search for new fitness apps that, let’s admit it, we may have never bothered to download before. As lockdown regulations came as ease, many of us still found ourselves either working from home, from abroad or feeling uncertain about returning the the gym. Having an on-the-go workout allows us to continue on our health journey from wherever we are, as well as allowing us to to have freedom to choose when we want to work out.

Community fitness

After months of either being alone, with our flatmate or our partner, it’s only natural – as social creators – that we yearn for any other kind of social interaction. Contrary to workout classes within the gym, these are dedicated classes which promote the sense of community and togetherness with like-minded individuals. Having a team to cheer you on whilst emphasing on where you are on your fitness journey helps to boost morale and push you further.

Virtual classes

This is a no brainer. Lockdown saw a MAJOR moment for virtual classes either directly via a gym’s website or on Instagram Live. This allowed anyone to join in from the comfort of their home, without feeling the fear of anyone judging you for not getting through the last set of burpees. These virtual classes opened a door like no other to both fitness-enthusiasts and first-timers. The biggest benefit? Not having to pack a gym bag and taking a shower in your own bathroom afterwards (minus the shower shoes).


Meditation has already coined itself as a trend within the fitness market over the last couple of years. However, incorporating meditation as part of your workout is something new to look forward to. Many of us struggle to find the perfect balance between a sweaty workout and a meditation class, however trainers have started to create programs in which you merge both together. Doing a 15-minute HIIT workout followed by a 15-minute meditation is the new way to go.

‘Disconnected’ fitness

What is it you may ask? It’s quite simple. Think of it like a ‘digital detox’, but for your body. As we find ourselves scouring through apps, Youtube or on-demand classes – all whilst listening to musics – we forget that even during our workouts we have a hard time ‘unplugging’. All you need is a comfortable environment, a run-through of your working on a piece of paper, or memorised, and you’re good to go.

Working out for your wellbeing, not your body

Fitness used to be all about getting abs and thigh gaps, and if we’re honest with ourselves we’ve most likely put on a couple of pounds during lockdown. But a trend which is being pushed further for the upcoming year is prioritising your mental health with your fitness rather than your body. Being confined to four walls or, for some, being furloughed caused us to have a huge dip in morale, and even coming back out into this ‘new-normal’ can be difficult to navigate for some. Our mental health has never been such a huge priority until now.

High tech athletic wear

To help you get the most out of your workouts and to track your progress, tech-infused athletic wear is going to become a part of your every day. For example, Nadi X has created vibrating leggings which include sensors which give you feedback on your workouts, helping you to improve your posture, whilst Under Armour have created shoes which can record your run and your daily steps, which you can link to your smartphone.

Push Team x

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