5 steps to perfecting your fall skincare routine

It’s time to wave goodbye to our summer glow as we head towards the fall-winter season. It seems as though the year has flashed before our eyes, so much so that we haven’t had a moment to adapt our skincare as quickly as the lockdown regulations. As we turn to pulling our jumpers and coats back out of our wardrobe, the Push Team have compiled a list of 5 steps to perfecting your fall skincare routine to help you sort through your bathroom cabinet and ready yourself (and your skin) for the cold months ahead

Choose a thicker moisturiser

As the temperatures drop, as does our skin’s natural ability to create oils. Between the heating and the cold winds, our harsh environments will be putting a lot of pressure on our skin which is why it’s so crucial to give it that extra boost. Specialists recommend choosing a thicker moisturiser during the fall-winter season, even if you tend to have a naturally more oily skin. Your skin needs all the moisture it can get to help fight cracking throughout the day. Start your day with a creamy moisturiser and don’t neglect your serums.

Make sure to moisturise your body

Just like the skin on your face, your body needs that extra moisture to combat dry peeling and cracking. Opt for body melts and oils which will provide that luxurious silk, as well as being fast drying so that you don’t need to wait too long before putting on your jeans and jumper for the day. Don’t have time to moisture in the morning as you juggle getting ready for work? Turn to soap bars which offer you the key hydration you need directly in the shower. Don’t neglect your hands and feet – even if they may be covered in gloves and boots. As hand sanitisers continue to be a big part of our skincare routine, it’s important as ever to ensure our hands and cuticles and nurtured.

Use softer gels and foams on your face

Because of the harsh environments coming in contact with your skin, specialists suggest cutting down on harsh exfoliators and face washes and prioritising gentle cleanses and foams which will both soothe your skin and remove any unwanted dirt and makeup. This also goes for your weekly face mask. Though a detoxing mask may be your go-to due to our daily fight with ‘maskne’, fall-winter is all about hydration and giving your skin the natural tools it needs to fight off any unwanted visitors.

Make lip moisturisers a part of your daily routine

A classic, but something we can tend to put aside once we are done getting ready in the morning. Between wearing a face mask and the drop in temperatures, our lips are going to need an extra boost this fall-winter not just in the morning, but throughout the day. Go the extra mile and give your lips a much needed natural treatment with lip gels or overnight oils.


Hydration both within and without is key to our balance. The more you hydrate your body inside, the better your skin will be able to adapt to the new season. Though we know it’ll be tempting to turn towards hotter drinks throughout the day come October, it’s important to remember that H2O is the best natural product you can provide your skin.

Push Team x

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