Find your balance with Zodiac jewellery

Let’s admit it, we’re all a little obsessed with our Zodiac signs. From reading our horoscopes, to identifying how we relate to our characteristics, and whether the relationships we’ve built are based off of the Zodiac signs we’re more inclined to get along with. There’s something in the stars that has us fascinated.

Amongst the Push Team, we have strong personalities and leading ladies who are a symbol of balance within their own zodiac signs. For Balance Awareness Week, we spoke with the Push Team to find out whether they identify themselves with the characteristics associated with their zodiac signs, whether they feel like their zodiac has played a key role in who they are today and a roundup of some of our favourite zodiac-inspired jewellery …


Nadine Attar (Head of Beauty, Fitness & Wellbeing) – “I’m a true Sagittarian. Our strengths are generous, idealistic, passionate, great sense of humour. However our weaknesses can be impatience and saying anything no matter how undiplomatic (though I identify less with the latter!). We love freedom, travel, philosophy and being outdoors.”


Nicole Verdugo (Senior Account Manager) – “My zodiac sign is Virgo and definitely feel I identify with some of the traits. Virgos’ represent sophistication, kindness and love. They don’t let people in too easily and their trust takes time to build. Virgos always seek to learn and try new things and value time spent with friends and family as much as time alone”


Emma Hart (Founder & Creative Director) – “I definitely do identify with the Aries characteristics – courageous, determined, confident, enthusiastic, optimistic, honest and passionate. I’m usually a can-do yes person. Always trying to find a solution. I’m also very open and heart on sleeve honesty – something I have tried to cover up in the past and now realise I can’t. My sign definitely plays a key role in who I am, I enjoy motivating, helping and giving others emotional support both professionally and personally. I have always had a gravitational pull towards other Aries and also Saggittarians. I usually find them both dynamic, energetic and positive”

Danielle Kerwick (Jewellery) – “I can definitely identify with a few of my Aries traits. Mainly independence, competitiveness and living by the ‘do what you’re afraid to do’ mantra. I feel mostly a gravitational pull towards Saggittarians in general as they overlap in valuing freedom and enthusiasm, which are traits I love in other people”

Astrid Mallet (Brand Manager) – “Bold and ambitious, I definitely tend to dive head first into any challenge (and ask questions later). I’ve always been very direct and perhaps too honest at times which is a key characteristic of being a fire sign. Contrary to my other Push Team members, in my life I found myself to gravitate more towards the water signs – Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces – I think it’s because I find that they balance me out and help me to keep centred and calm”

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