How stacking rings became the new ear curation

You’re back from holiday now (if you’re lucky enough it was somewhere far away), and you’re looking for that extra accessory which will really make your tan pop whilst it still can.

Last season, ear curations were all the rave with countless Instagram posts and brands specialising in developing collections made to help you create your unique look. This season, the Push Team are turning to the new ear curation; stacking rings.

Now, we’re not just talking a couple of rings here and there, but look enough on social media and you’ll see that stacking rings are having a MAJOR moment. More curated, considered and mixing a range of materials, stacking rings are fast becoming a self-expression in their own right. Here are some of our favourites at the moment to get you started.

Rachel Jackson

Electric Goddess Sun Ring £45

Kismet Lola

Sunbeam Peridot Ring £90

Lee Renee

Ladybird Ring £140

Third Crown

Prizm Ring £124

Dinny Hall

Kassia Sapphire Diamond Ring £1,200


The Zevgari Ring £253.86


Multifacet Ring Polished £1,202


Initial Ring £22

Edge of Ember

Sparkly Ring Stacking Set £225

Atelier Romy

Open Leopard Ring £95

Maya Magal

Puddle Stacking Ring £50


Ocala Ring £140

Sif Jakobs

Novara Uno Ring £99

You’ll find us ‘Adding to Cart’ and building up our ring collection for the new season ahead!

Push Team x

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