Layer, stack and mix your jewels with our new #PushJEWELLERY client; Maya Magal

We are thrilled to announce our latest #PushJEWELLERY client – handmade contemporary jewellery brand Maya Magal.

Maya Magal Jewellery is all about experimenting and playing with jewellery. Designs perfectly blend materials and colours, allowing customers to build their personalised jewellery wardrobe. We sat down with founder Maya herself to discover the story behind the namesake brand …

What inspired you to start the brand and how has the journey been so far?
I come from a long line of creatives and originally studied textiles BA at Chelsea College of Art. During my studies I apprenticed for the legendary jeweller Tony Thomson, handmaking chains, and that’s where my passion for jewellery started. Then it was the time I spent as Head Designer at another jewellery brand that really gave me the confidence to set up my own brand in 2013. Maya Magal, the business, was born in a humble Hatton Garden studio. Since then, I haven’t looked back!

You make your jewellery in small batches; can you explain why that is?
Making small batches of our jewellery is something we are truly proud of. All of our pieces are handmade using traditional craftsmanship which takes longer, but results in beautifully imperfect pieces. Due to the time and effort that goes into each piece, I prefer to not make an excess amount which might go to waste. One of the main reasons as to why we create a limited number is that we like to test pieces and see what’s popular among our consumers before creating new stocks. This process also helps to keep the creativity alive! Once a collection is established, I’m back to my sketchpad dreaming up something new. When we need more room for new collections, we melt down older pieces and remake them into fresh designs. That’s what I love about jewellery compared to fashion – so little gets wasted if you are careful and thoughtful with your making process!

What advice would you give to someone buying their first Maya Magal jewellery piece?
If they are used to wearing jewellery, then go big! Start with a statement necklace or a heavy bangle. If you are new to jewellery, which a lot of our consumers are, then a simple stacking ring or a one-charm personalised pendant is great. You can then build up confidence, both in the brand and in wearing jewellery on a more regular basis; afterwards, you can add to your collection by layering up. This is why all of our designs are made to be worn together; our rings are made for stacking, necklaces for layering and silver and gold for mixing.

Did you always know you wanted to be a jewellery designer?
No, not at all! I loved all design, not jewellery specifically, however I was always covered in jewellery myself. After learning the ropes, I turned a hobby into a business. It felt like quite a natural shift.

Favourite piece of jewellery that you own?
My charm necklace. It’s made from 18ct gold and each handmade square has a different initial on it, one each for my two girls and the third for my husband. On the back of each square I’ve engraved a birthdate or wedding date.

5 words to describe Maya Magal
Handmade, modern yet classic, creative & thoughtful

What’s new for the brand in 2020?
We are going to be focusing even more on our solid gold collections, all made in London, and growing this collection. We’ve seen a real customer demand for solid gold, everyday pieces that they can live in. We’ll also be launching more sterling silver collections and these will be even more focused on stacking and layering. We’ll have more charms that can be added to earrings or necklaces, rings that can be slipped onto hoops or chains … etc. We’re also going to be changing the layout of our stores to create an inspirational environment in which our consumers will be able to personalise their jewellery more easily as well as allowing for our jewellery making workshops to be even more intuitive and playful!

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