Cafe spots to spark your creativity for the week

Here at Push, we’re always thinking outside of the box and coming up with creative campaigns and activities for our clients. But just like anyone, we can sometimes hit a wall and find ourselves needing to escape our desks to go out into the city and find new inspiration.

More and more adults are leaving their office spots in exchange for working in their local cafes. Headphones in or headphones out, countless across the city of London can be seen typing away at their keyboards with a cappuccino and a half eaten croissant next to them. You look up, look around you, the location, the decoration, the baristas, the cups, the people, and all of sudden – ding – an idea comes to you and you put your head back down to your keyboard. So, to help you in getting the imagination train going, we’ve put together a quick list of some of our favourite cafes to hang out at …

Abuelo, Covent Garden

Story Cafe, Clapham

Tap, Fitzrovia

Ozone Coffee, Shoreditch

Mae + Harvey, Bow

Association Coffee, The City

Daisy Green, Soho

Milk Beach, Queen’s Park

Treves & Hyde, Whitechapel

Where do you like to to sit in the city to spark your creativity?

Push x

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