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We can all admit that keeping up with your fitness whilst you’re on holiday can be challenging at times, especially if you’re just starting out a new fitness routine. Whether you’re at the beach, in the city or in the countryside, our #FitnessTEAM spoke with Emily Mou, co-founder of Studio Yoga, and personal trainer Amie Nicole Sophia about how they keep up with their fitness whilst away and their top tips on dos and don’ts whilst on holiday.

BEACH – Emily Mou

As someone who loves working out, I would always say yes to working out while on holiday, but never put any pressure on myself to do so! There’s been times where I’ve managed 30-45 minutes every day, but there has also been times I’ve packed my workout wear and trainers and they have stayed in the suitcase and that’s perfectly ok.

There’s so many different factors that come into play when you’re away, especially on a beach holiday in a hot country. These are things I always take into consideration when contemplating working out abroad:

#1 The HEAT – never underestimate the power of sun! Being over exposed to the sun and heat can seriously drain you of your energy and give you sunstroke. If you’re going to be working out outdoors, then pick the coolest time of the day when the sun is not at its strongest (ie early morning or late afternoon)

#2 How YOU Feel – Always remember that you’re on holiday, it’s a break from your everyday routine. Don’t beat yourself up about it if you’re not in the mood to exercise. Always listen to your body! If you have the energy to train, then go for it, if not then just chill!

#3 Your Surroundings – You don’t need a gym to exercise. Find a nice spot on the beach at sunset and take in some fresh air. It doesn’t have to be intense when you’re away. A gentle mobility and stretch, a long walk, maybe some beach yoga … make the most of your location, there’s an endless list of things you can do outside of the gym.

#4 Food Intake – I don’t believe in ‘dieting’ on holiday. I think you can eat what you want, obviously in moderation, and enjoy yourself without worrying about having to account for your calories! Enjoy the food, it’s one the best parts about going on holiday, experiencing new cuisines.

#5 Your TIME – Let’s face it, there’s so many other things to be doing than spending your time exercising (ie water sports, sightseeing, swimming, spending time with friends / family). Majority of the things you’d do on a beach holiday are pretty active anyway so you’re getting your exercise in without even realising!

CITYAmie Nicole Sophia

When I’m travelling, this leaves things a little short for workouts especially if I’m staying at a hotel that’s limited with equipment!

If I wanted to have a quick sweat on, I usually do a simple body weight circuit for example, a combination of 5 exercises, do each of these for 30 seconds with a 15 second rest and repeat 3 times.

I also highly recommend taking the resistance bands is possible in your suitcase as these are great for doing light toning exercises to keep those muscles activated when travelling around!

And obviously if you are in a location that’s great for outdoors, long distance running and sprints for endurance are always a great way to keep active as well as swimming and yoga.


I’m the sort of person that just loves to workout. It isn’t a chore and I’m not forcing myself, it just makes me feel great! When I’m away this doesn’t change for me. I might workout less because it can be harder to fit in, but I’ll work with what I’ve got.

If I’m heading to a countryside holiday, the first place I’ll look is where I’m staying. If you’re staying in a hotel they probably will have some kind of gym. If they do, I’ll do my usual gym workout which will be some sort of circuit using weights and targeting all areas of the body. I’m not really a runner, but if that’s my only option then I’ll try to fit in a little run, or even just walk around a lot during the day. Alternatively, if the weather is nice, you can always do body weight workout outdoors! I’ll find inspiration on Youtube and use a timer on my phone to time 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off, selecting a number of exercises and then doing 2-3 rounds.

Food wise, I don’t deny myself anything on holiday, but I have a pretty healthy diet as it is. For breakfast, if I’m self-catered I’ll probably have porridge, but if I’m in a restaurant, I’ll eat avo and eggs on toast. Lunch and dinner tends to be salads, meat and veg, a burger, pasta, that kind of thing! However, I’ll always have pudding! I drink to enjoy myself, but don’t overdo is as it affects my sleep and I like to feel fresh in the mornings.

What are your go-to fitness tips when travelling?

Push x

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