9 top tips to find the perfect sports bra with Lorna Jane

Dropping is for beats not boobs - Lorna Jane is on a mission to Stop The Drop!

It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Australian activewear label Lorna Jane has recently launched their STOP THE DROP campaign, and we’re excited… the global initiative highlights the support needed from our sports bra’s and celebrates all things boobs! So, what should you look for when selecting your next sports bra? Lorna Jane shares their top tips below:


Top Tips:

Adjustable Straps

Look for adjustable straps and back clasps so that you can customise your fit. Plus you have the option to increase or reduce support levels, depending on the activity you’re doing.

Stability and Support

Wide straps provide additional support and stability. This is a good option for high impact activities and/or if you have a larger cup size. Slimmer straps are good for flexibility and movement during lower impact activities.

Myth Busting

Underwire is not essential and can cause discomfort (especially if one of those critters escapes and jabs you mid run). Poorly fitting underwire can also damage your delicate breast tissue.

Baby Got Back Clasp

Check the back clasp. When trying on the bra we don’t usually think about the back clasp too much, which can end up with some post sit up or mid savasana ouchies if it is too sharp or thick. Make sure that the clasp (if there is one) is smooth and slim line. Even have a wee lie down when you’re trying on, just to make sure.


Fabric is important, especially in a sports bra. You’re going to be working hard in your sports bra so you need to make sure that the fabric is going to work with you. Opt for moisture wicking (because if it’s not…eww) and technical fabrics that offer support and stretch. As you move, your bra needs to stretch with you while still offering you full support.


Support level is important, so choose the right one for your activity to make sure that you have the right support, design and comfort for whatever it is that you’re up to. From netball to running and acro yoga to a Netflix marathon on the couch, support levels matter.

Get Fit-ted

the fit should feel firm but not uncomfortable. When you’re trying on, make sure that you move, stretch and jump around to give it a good test.


It’s not all about size, design is also a key factor in finding your perfect bra. Different coverage, detailing, mesh, ventilation and strap designs offer a stylish and functional fit to make sure you can move with ease and confidence. Plus, just because your bra is functional doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be cure! Whether you opt to show it off or not, there’s no reason to be rocking a boring bra.

Removable Padding

Padding is not all about maximising your assets, it actually offers additional support, shape, coverage and comfort. Depending on your preference, shape and needs you can pop them out or pad up!

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