Meet the new #PushBEAUTY team member, Holly Marsh

Holly Marsh has joined the Push beauty division as Senior Account Executive. We caught up with Holly to quiz her on the beauty trends she loves at the moment, what products she can’t live without and where are her favourite holiday spots.


What’s your professional background and what do you want to bring to the table at Push?

I’ve worked in the PR industry since I was 19. I interned at several PR companies before making the move to Australia, where I interned at Sydney based agency for three months. After my internship I stayed in Australia for a year and travelled around the country seeing Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane and Cairns. On returning to the UK I interned a bit more, and then worked in several PR agencies in London.

Over the past seven years I have built up good relationships with press, influencers, makeup artists and hair stylists, which I can continue to maintain with the Push PR brands. Having worked with various brands within the UK and Australia means I have a lot of experience in ensuring brands are getting the best out of PR.

What are you most excited about at the moment in the beauty industry?

It’s fashion month at the moment and I love seeing ALL trends for SS19. Although New York has just started, there has already been so many looks that I absolutely love; from glitter foil lips at Jeremy Scott to the hair accessories at Zimmerman. It gets me so excited to see what’s to come in London, Milan and Paris.

Your favourite beauty brand?

I’m a fake tan addict. I love Vita Liberata, it’s one of the best tanning brands that I have tried. Having a tan makes you feel so much better and means you can get away with wearing minimal makeup.

Who is your absolute favourite beauty icon?

Olivia Culpo – from her hair to her makeup she is just goals.

Three beauty products that you could not live without?

Moisturiser – because nothing feels better than hydrated skin. Nude lipstick – I always carry a nude lipstick around with me, even if I have a no makeup day I still carry one with me as it can instantly make you feel a million times better. And fake tan, as mentioned above.

We’re moving onto autumn/winter now – how do you transition your beauty routine over different seasons?

My routine is pretty much the same all year round. My skin gets super dry so it’s all about hydration. Moisturising is the key and I also love a good face mask.

Bold or natural lip?

Natural lip. Nude lips only.

Your favourite place to go on a holiday?

I claim every place I go to as my favourite. But I think it would have to be Dubai for a chilled holiday and Vegas for a party holiday.

Welcome to the team, Holly!

Push x

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