Step Up Club School Inner Circle

Are you ready to unlock your dream career or business? These women know how to do that!

Feeling that ‘Back to School’ vibe? Want to press the reset button but not quite sure how? Have you been dreaming about changing your career path or simply, are you just looking for a bit of friendly guidance and mentoring? Well you are in luck! This month sees our friends over at the formidable Step Up Club launch their 3rd round of the inspirational Step Up School Inner Circle course.

The course consists of 3 full day face-to-face masterclasses in central London. Their modern approach to training combines Alice Olins and Phanella Mayfall Fine’s accredited executive coaching expertise, with inspiring conversations, practical career advice and a network of like-minded women to create meaningful and lasting positive change. Learn how to fulfil your ambitions, promote yourself, navigate the tricky minefield of mentoring and networking and much much more.


At the end of the day, we all need time to regroup and realise that anything is possible with drive, enthusiasm and guidance. Oh and have we mentioned that Alice and Phanella are fabulous, funny, approachable and inspirational?!

By signing up, you will get three monthly day-long sessions (September-November 2018) held at a luxury central London venue; lifetime membership to Step Up School’s highly active online forum of all past and present students; access to online course materials throughout the duration and a whole year after that; a signed copy of their best selling career manual; an invite to our annual Step Up Club party; an exclusive goodie bag worth over £100 and a fast track to a brand new, supercharged and confident you in just three month’s time!

*Step Up School Inner Circle covers all the need-to-know subjects across the modern-day career board including defining success, personal branding, confidence, mentoring, networking and career visioning.


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“The sessions have been my monthly dose of inspiration and I leave feeling more positive about my business every time. I am currently discussing several exciting partnerships and I am beyond happy with the current state of the business and can’t wait to see what’s next.” – MILLEN

“Before I started Step Up School, I wasn’t promoting myself enough, I wasn’t taking credit enough, I wasn’t talking about my achievements enough and when I started doing that I got a nice big pay rise, my whole work-life balance shifted and I started feeling a lot better about what I was doing with my time.” – LYDIA

“I always walk away from each session with something that I can practically use in developing my own business. I am now much clearer about what is really important to me, what I have to offer and how I present that to the outside world. Whether you are thinking about a career change, starting a new business or just interested in some time for your own development with a great group of ladies, I would definitely recommend Step Up School!” – EMMA


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