SoL Cups: the sustainable accessory you’ll want to get your hands on

New Client Win #SoLmates


It’s Plastic FREE July and we’re all choosing to ditch single-use plastics and make way for a more sustainable future. With that in mind, Push are excited to announce our newest lifestyle client SoL Cups.

Aussie brand SoL Cups are for ending waste and embracing taste, through their happy, healthy, sustainable and beautiful design – unique hand blown cups using materials that keep the heat in and the nasties out.

The reason why? To share their knowledge and passion of health with as many people as possible. SoL Cups are a practical product with a playful heart. The logo symbolises the sun (‘sol’ in Spanish) and the signature zigzag pattern reflects the ocean waves on their beautiful hometown beach down under, where they pursue an active outdoor lifestyle.

To kick-start this exciting collaboration, we caught up with the soul behind SoL, Rebecca Veksler.


Where originally sparked your idea for SoL Cups?

SoL Cups came about really naturally and almost by accident. It was a passion project my mother and I were working on during a really tough time. I was dealing with some health issues and SoL Cups became my own personal healing and a way to overcome.

What does sustainability mean to you?

Sustainability means smarter thinking, smarter living. Sustainability means thinking in a 360 way, truly questioning and changing your own personal self and daily habits. Sustainability is being productive and proactive with your life, not being wasteful and selfist, not being indulgent in the unnecessary, but living an authentic, simple and happy lifestyle that’s good for your body, mind and soul. And of course the environment.

Do you lead a plastic free life?

I do my very best. There are definitely some things that are bigger challenges, like when going to cafes and restaurants, but I do my best to make conscious and thoughtful decisions in every aspect of my life. So definitely no takeaway cups, drink bottles, straws or plastic bags. Even on an airplane I would ask the flight attendant to fill up my SoL Cup instead of handing me another plastic one. Can you imagine how many plastic cups get thrown away on just one flight? It’s shocking…

What’s your favourite product in the range?

Definitely still the original 12oz SoL Cup. It’s my baby and very first design.

Are SoL Cups easy to fit into your normal, everyday life?

Absolutely. They are designed to become part of your daily routine and personally I can’t leave the house without them. I’m more likely to forget my phone than my SoL Cup!

You’re a young entrepreneur. What has been your biggest challenge to date?

Definitely taking care of my own health and learning to listen to my body. I’m naturally an over achiever and do-er, so my challenge is not spreading myself too thin.

Best piece of advice to your younger self?

Just keep listening to your gut and trust yourself! Keep doing what you’re doing and it will all make sense at the end.

Three easy changes to lead a more sustainable life?

Cup, bottle, bag. Make these three simple swaps and you won’t believe the reduction of your own waste. These are the beginners essentials to a plastic free journey and this is why we created our own plastic free kit (coming to the UK soon).

What’s next for the SoL Cups now you’ve hit London?

We can’t wait to explore Europe – starting with Scandinavia. I’m so excited!

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