The Walnut Club; where to book your next beauty treatment if you want max results

The Walnut Club is a new-ish (it opened late last year) beauty salon in Highbury well worth venturing North for.

So gorgeous is this salon-cum-lifestyle-boutique set up that you’ll be forgiven for spending hours there having back-to-back beauty treatments (it’s already a go-to for the mobile spray tanning service headed up by owner Suzi Hurley), and devouring the juice bar menu at leisure.

the-walnut-club beauty salon Highbury

As summer is in full swing, and the good weather seems to be staying put, that much-needed full leg and bikini wax became a priority this week, not least because that amount of ankle hair just won’t do. Plus there’s the holiday (yet to be booked) on the horizon that we plan on being silky-smooth for.

The treatment was, hands down, one of the best to date for a number of reasons. First off: the Hollywood hot wax used for the bikini line. This was down to technique and the fact that hot wax is much more bearable in sensitive areas where the hair is thicker – literally no muss, no fuss, and max results.

Second was the strip waxing of the legs which was meticulous and swift, just the way you want it. The entire treatment took just over an hour and is priced at £38 which basically equals all the bang for your buck.

Then there was the therapist who was professional and hugely personable (there was a mutual love for Ibiza) which distracted from the hair removal itself; again, exactly what you want.

Last thing to note: the aforementioned salon interiors that nod to lush, luxe, go-there-to-lounge vibe.

Highly recommended.

the-walnut-club beauty salon Highbury The Walnut Club

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