Beauty advice; got it from our mamas

When it comes to beauty – routine, preferred product, technique, hack – there’s a strong chance that some of the good stuff, the gold dust, came from your mum.

It’s those strong female figures (mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, friends) who shape our formative years and steer us onto greatness, not least on the beauty front.

In light of this we thought we’d share a few gems we got from our mamas. Have a read.

camilla allpress mum

Camilla Allpress’ mama

Camilla Allpress, Lifestyle Junior Account Manager
My mum, that’s her above when she was 24 years-old, brought me up on the advice that a good base and mascara go a long way. So these, above all, are the products I spend on.

Then there was the first lady that ever shaped my eyebrows who bellowed, “Your eyebrows are sisters, not twins!” It was then that I vowed to put down the tweezers for good. Ish.

Sophie Outram, Beauty Junior Account Executive
“Always have a lipstick with you, and never leave the house without a sweep of blusher as it brightens your face and makes you look healthy and fresh.” These are words of beauty wisdom from both my mum and nanna.


Sophie Outram and her mama

Pippa Roberts, Fashion Director
The best bit of beauty advice I’ve had to date is from my friend Kate Sellers who professes that face wipes only spread dirt so the thing to do is invest in a really good cleanser, and moisturise every morning and night. Fashion wise, my mum (see below beach shot) always said; “Don’t follow trends. Know your style and stick to it, because that’s the only way to feel confident.”  I think was referring to the fact that I am freakishly tall and the need to just go with it.

In terms of life advice, my old housemate always piped up with; “You can’t say yes to everything. It is ok to say no and take time out for yourself”. This, I think, is valuable advice.

pippa roberts mum

Pippa Roberts’ mama

Georgina Robertson, Beauty Account Manager
“Take the time to look after you skin; invest in good skincare and don’t wear foundation if you don’t need it.” This is something that my mum instilled in me early on and it just stuck. She’s also a big believer of the old; “Everything happens for a reason. It may not feel right at the time, but everything will make sense eventually.”

georgina robertson

Georgina Robertson’s mama and papa

Bex Broughton, Fashion Account Manager
My most valued bit of beauty advice comes courtesy of my mum and sister who both taught me to “cleanse and nourish your face before bed, and always use an SPF on your face to avoid wrinkles. You don’t need fancy pants products just go for something as natural as possible – if you wouldn’t ingest it, don’t put it on your skin.”

As for life advice from these two? “One glass of wine is not enough and three are too many. Also, never settle for second best.”

Emily Hall, Showroom and Events Manager
“Don’t shave your arms otherwise they will grow back like a gorilla!” Thanks mum, noted.

Robyn Upton, Acting Beauty Director
My mum taught me that confidence is everything. She herself struggles in big groups of people so instilled in me from an early age to hold my head high and front it up. It’s amazing how much difference a straight back and direct eye contact can make to first impressions. If beauty is in the eye of the beholder then I guess a positive impact is the foundation of self-presentation.

Then there’s my friend Ashling who is brilliant when it comes to fashion advice. She constantly reminds me that,  “Just because you get older or become a mother, doesn’t mean you CAN’T wear the same clothes. Just view them through a new lens and re-purpose HOW you wear them to suit you.”

Emma Hart, Founder and Creative Director
My mum said NEVER have chipped nail varnish. It sets the tone for personal appearance.

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