Hair sheet masks tried and tested #PushBEAUTYrecommends

How partial are you to a DIY hair mask? We decided to trial a couple to see if doing a a mask a week gets glossy results.

Here’s Sophie Outram, Push Junior Beauty Account Executive, on upping the hair health and pampering game.

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Hair sheet masks, as introduced by the driving force that is the Korean beauty industry, are a handy way to nourish tired tresses without the muss and fuss. Not only is this the perfect beauty product for those with little time to indulge in a full-blown treatment session but they are well within budget.

I have tested out a couple of the most popular hair sheet masks on the market to give you my verdict; here’s what you need to know.

Redken All Soft Mega Sheet Mask, £10

Prepare before you get into the shower, open the pack and remove the paper on the adhesive seal then after shampooing twist and wrap your hair into the foil style cap and fasten with the strip. You then leave it on for 5-10 minutes, gently massaging the cap to infuse the hair with more product before rinsing out. I found the whole process easy, however, when trying to fasten the cap I found that the adhesive wasn’t as sticky as I would like, but the foil did make it easy enough to secure in place. For a mid-week hair wash this worked brilliantly as it didn’t require killing time while it was on;  the mask aims to hydrate, replenish and tame frizz which – thanks to ingredients such as organ kernel oil, camellia seed oil and aloe vera – it does.

I would definitely recommend this for a regular quick fix treatment. Also, a key thing to mention is the also the scent wasn’t too overpowering and I didn’t need to wash my hair again for another two days. Win, win.

Kocostar Home Salon Hair Pack, £7

The Kocostar mask works in a similar way except it recommends towel drying your hair a little before putting the mask on and fastening with the sticker. I found that this way it was a bit easier to secure the mask in place and the fabric/material used instead of the foil made it more malleable when massaging into the scalp.

It also recommends leaving the product on for 15-20 minutes, which to begin with felt like a really long process but actually meant I could get on with things while it was working its magic. I probably would’t choose it for a weekday, but for a lazy Sunday afternoon this worked brilliantly as a treatment.

Kocostar, like the Redken mask, promises to repair damaged hair with an intensive re-nourish. As I was drying my hair I could immediately feel how soft and silky it was, and whilst it didn’t completely sort out my frizz like the Redken mask did it was noticeably shiny if not a little greasy. The quantity per pack is pretty generous so gauge how much you use according to hair type and length.

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