Innermost; the nutrition brand taking over the scene

Innermost is bringing smart, effective, understandable nutritional supplements to the forefront.

Developed by a team of leading clinical nutritionists, Innermost has crafted a tailored product range that contains balanced combinations of functional superfoods, protein and nutrient-rich active ingredients (spirulina, turmeric, pea protein, pomegranate to name a few) that combine to enhance overall health and wellbeing.

If you’re not yet familiar with the name, there’s a chance you’ve clocked the range stacked up at the likes of DIGME, F45, BlOK, 1Rebel and OneLDN because Innermost is absolutely building momentum, especially among consumers interested in health and fitness.

“The frustration I had was that sports nutrition products were either too basic or contained ingredients that I didn’t want to put into my body. The solution was to create something unique that took a more intelligent and holistic approach.” says Innermost Founder and CEO, Shivraj Bassi.

“Innermost products leverage the power of superfoods and other ingredients to impact your health, fitness and life in a positive way. Our goal was to create an inspirational brand that aligned with a broader definition of lifestyle that includes health, fitness, music, books and culture.”

Push is thrilled to be representing the brand and championing its goal to build bolder, brighter, more balanced lives.


Discover the full line of products, #jointhecircle and start to #liveinnermost here.

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