These Maria Nila masques are everything your hair needs right now #PushBEAUTYrecommends

There’s always the intention to apply a good hair mask – at least once a week, ok month – but how often does it actually happen? Too faffy? Not enough hours in the day? We hear you, and we’re all guilty of neglecting our head (scalp) and hair.

That’s why we’re talking up the hair masque range from Maria Nila for this week’s #PushBEAUTYrecommends feature. Here’s Sophie Outram, Push Junior Beauty Account Executive, on exactly why you should reach for a Maria Nila masque and switch up your haircare routine for the better.


If you can do it for your face, why not your hair? Maria Nila has a great range of masques, I tend to mix and match mine depending on the season and over all health of my hair at that moment in time. I use the True Soft Masque (split ends anyone?) on the lower lengths of my hair and the Luminous Colour Masque on my roots. If my scalp is feeling dry or sensitive I use the Head & Hair Heal Masque.

No muss, no fuss
The masques are all so thick and luxe that they are actually really easy to apply and leave in whilst you work through that to do list and/or Netflix series.

Skincare for your scalp
If you really think about it, your scalp is an extension of the skin on your face so we should be treating it as such. Maria Nila’s Head & Hair Heal range is designed to soothe the scalp, treat dandruff and prevent hair loss. This makes it a great collection for those who suffer with psoriasis or eczema as it’s nice and gentle on the scalp.

No nasties
The products are 100% vegan and cruelty free, as well as paraben and sulphate free, so you can continue pampering your hair guilt free.

Sun seeker
It may be a little optimistic to be discussing the sunshine right now, but all of the masques from Maria Nila (and most of the product range) contain UV protection. Not only does this protect your hair from the damaging rays but it also helps to protect you colour from fading in the sun. You can also use the masques to help smooth sun-exposed hair and recover the softness.

Five solid reasons right there, shop your preferred mask right here.

Push x

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