10 tips on sleep to switch up your routine for the better #WorldSleepDay

Rubbish at getting enough sleep on a regular basis? Only (barely) functioning because of the continuous coffee hit? Binge sleep every weekend? We hear you.

The thing is, sleep is a huge deal when it comes to our physical and mental health. Huge. In today’s always on, always scrolling, always-doing-all-the-things society we need to take switching off and recharging seriously effective of now, today, given that it’s World Sleep Day.

More Sleep Please is the very fitting name of kikki.K’s latest lifestyle collection that includes a journal (because documenting your day helps to unwind) that outlines some pointers for actively improving the quality of the sleep you do get.

Scroll down to see those that we’ve top-lined; the tips we’re introducing immediately if not sooner.


Sleep Tip #1
Instead of turning to your phone or emails as soon as you wake up, practice deep breathing for a few minutes. By doing so, you allow yourself to gently welcome the day instead of rushing into it. This can help with managing stress, allowing you to fall asleep easier at night.

Sleep Tip #2
Move your body. Research has shown that regular exercise can help you sleep better, as well as helping you stay more alert and focused during the day.

Sleep Tip #3
Vitamin D intake; researchers have found a link between sleep quality and an individual’s level of vitamin D, specifically vitamin D3, which is produced through your skin from sun exposure.

Sleep Tip #4
Embrace a meditation practice. Meditation helps to calm the mind and body, combat stress and improve your sleep. If you’re new to meditation, start small but, most importantly, just start.

Sleep Tip #5
Add magnesium whole foods  (leafy green vegetables like spinach and Swiss chard, nuts –  especially almonds – and seeds, bananas, lentils, beans and whole grains) to your diet as this mineral has been found to offer many benefits including improved sleep. Magnesium helps our body and brain relax, which can help us fall asleep quicker and enjoy a deeper sleep.

Sleep Tip #6
Know your caffeine limits. Reflect on how much caffeine you consume each day and stick to one cup of coffee, earlier in the day, green or herbal teas.

Sleep Tip #7
Stick to a routine. If you get up early throughout the week for work, don’t sleep in for hours on the weekend. Having a set time that you wake up each day, which does not differ on weekends, will help your body work with its natural rhythms so that you get the most from your sleep.

Sleep Tip #8
Download your day each evening. To avoid waking up to thoughts about the day that’s been or what’s to come, put pen to paper each evening and write it down. Jot down any thoughts, reflect on the day just passed and write down your to do list for tomorrow. This way you know you’ve captured what’s important and can enjoy your sleep instead.

Sleep Tip #9
Let the light in as soon as you wake up. Natural light helps to wake us up and stops the production or melatonin. Upon waking, open the curtains and let light in or, even better, step outside for a moment and let the fresh air help you start the day right.

Sleep Tip #10
NAP. Napping equals more sleep in your life. Our energy levels dip naturally in the afternoon (typically between 1pm and 3pm) so when possible take a nap for 30 minutes during this time.

They’re good, aren’t they? If you like tips like these you must read Sleep, a book by elite sports sleep coach Nick Littlehales (kikki.K has redesigned the cover and featured it in the More Sleep Please kit) that not only shares insight on sleeping smarter but is stacked with thought-provoking research findings on why actioning them is imperative.

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