#DrawnTogether; 10 All-Party Parliamentary Groups take action to protect creative mobility post-Brexit

All-Party Parliamentary Groups (APPGs) came together Wednesday 24th January in Portcullis House, Houses of Parliament to rally up awareness and continued support of the ‘Drawn Together’ initiative.

Under this banner APPGs including Textiles & Fashion (for which Push PR partner, Fashion Roundtable, is the secretariat for), Art, Craft & Design, Design & Innovation and Dance have outlined the restrictions on mobility that Brexit is certain to impose on the creative industry and, in doing so, called on the government to address the issue as a matter of urgency.

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It is imperative that creative industries continue to work, trade and travel freely across Europe post-Brexit; without this freedom of movement the impact on business success and survival will be devastating. And let’s not sideline the fact that we’re talking about the fastest-growing sector of the UK economy, a sector worth £91.8bn that employs a culturally diverse workforce of over 3 million.

“Up to now freedom of movement has made movement of artistic talent possible,” said Jack Powell of the Creative Industries Federation.

What needs to be enforced by the government is a future visa/immigration system that allows best possible access to EU talent and skills the sector requires, enables creative workers in the UK to continue to work abroad with minimal restrictions and provide visa-free travel for said workers to continue to work, exhibit, tour and perform easily across Europe.

The meet confirmed that championing the campaign will be significant in effecting this issue and ensuring that it is communicated appropriately during trade talks with the EU.

Contemporary British artist, Patrick Brill (aka Bob & Roberta Smith) spoke during the event noting that “culture thrives on creative collision” and the need for support of a second referendum is essential to avoiding a significant set-back in the arts.  His speech was as poignant as the political slogan art he came armed with.


How can you support? First of all, read more about the cross-party collaboration and what participating MPs and peers have said to date here. Then ensure that you stay informed, according to Fashion Roundtable the Migration Advisory Committee is consulting on EEA-workers in the UK labour market, and is due to respond shortly to the submissions it has received from its call for evidence.

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