How to be productive this year

Determined to make some big changes in 2018? Determined to get more done? Yes, but actually?

It is so easy to set good intentions and then, somehow, not get round to actioning them because of ALL THE DISTRACTIONS. With this in mind, we took down some pointers from Adrienne Herbert of Get To Know during our panel event on productivity this week as part of #PushCONNECT.

We wouldn’t be doing them justice if we didn’t:
a.) TRY them
b.) Share them

So, take a moment to read through the below tips on getting your head down and maybe, just maybe, seeing results for yourself.


How to be productive throughout the day

TIME BLOCKING; allocate time to the tasks that need doing so that you actually get them done.

ORGANISE AND PRIORITISE; write up a to do list then cut it down and order accordingly to clear your mind and make it less overwhelming.

KEEP A NOTEBOOK; jot down thoughts (especially those that just pop into your head mid-flow), then get back to the original task so that you stay focused.

SAY NO;  having the willpower to say no is huge. Be honest about what you can do so that you build trust, and more importantly, take the pressure off yourself

Goal setting

HAVE A GOAL; set yourself goals but make sure you have a road map so that you’re working towards achieving them.

DEVISE A PLAN; having a daily agenda/programme to work to is key, that way you keep momentum and focus by building on the task at hand.

STATS; it’s been proven that 42% of us are more likely to achieve a goal if we write it down and  a whopping 78% of us are more likely to achieve goals if we share/ tell someone about them.

5 reasons to get up at 6am

1. Less disruptions (no social media in the first hour of your day, do it)
2. Less stress
3. You can run a morning mile (LOL, but also being serious); especially if you want to get fit without the gym taking over your life
4. Build healthy food habits by actually giving yourself time to sit down and eat breakfast at leisure
5. Self discipline. Try it for two weeks – just start with little steps so work back from whatever time you currently get up by getting up 20 minutes earlier, then 40 minutes, then an hour.

Et voila, go forth and conquer.

Push x

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