Meet Emily Evans; the latest addition to the Push team

We are THRILLED to announce that Stylist and Fashion Consultant, Emily Evans, will be joining the Push team as Style Director.

It is Emily’s extensive industry expertise, evident from the impressive body of work she has built, that will see her steer the fashion department in 2018 and beyond. We quizzed her ahead of announcing the appointment to talk career to date, trends and what’s on the agenda for the year ahead.

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What is it about Push that resonates?

The fact that it’s go-getting, and that the business connects fashion, beauty and lifestyle with the arts and the community.

What do you want to bring to the table in this new role?

Creativity, high fashion and ideas. And fun. Work needs to be fun.

Your background is fashion consultancy, styling and content creation for luxury brands. You then set up Emily Evans Media in 2015; how did you get into the industry?

By assisting stylists and designers, basically working from the bottom up. I learnt so much on the job, backstage at shows and shadowing designers while they worked. I also had a retail business for 15 years which helped.

Biggest learning to date?

Growing my own fashion brand from 2000- 2014.

Favourite aspect of styling?

Creating, moving people and delivering the unexpected.

Where do you stand on sustainable fashion?

I’m really passionate about it; I’m on a mission to change the way people shop and waste clothes. We need to save the planet. I try to use sustainable aspects in all my shoots so that there’s a story that conveys how important this is.

What trends are you backing this year?

Sequins, pastels and plastic.

Last purchase?

Vetements x Reebok pump sneakers.

Predictions for the luxury fashion industry (given the last turbulent year)?

More is more.

You’re ALL about vintage fashion; what is the appeal of pre-loved?

Less waste, be unique, stand out, it’s affordable and no one else will look like you.

Follow Emily on Instagram here for a look at her work to date. It’s good, so good.

Push x

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