Push PR Founder & Creative Director, Emma Hart, on the power of good connections

Push PR prides itself on connecting global luxury brands and businesses with those at the forefront of digital and print media, industry creatives, influencers and talent. It is through bespoke campaigns, collaborations and events that we push boundaries to deliver with impact. In short, it’s about telling stories direct to the consumer for maximum cut-through.

Emma Hart, Push PR Founder and Creative Director, is a huge advocate for building on and upholding (with great pride) a solid network. Here she shares insight on why that is, what it achieves and what 2018 looks like for Push.

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Push has launched its ongoing #PushCONNECT campaign; what exactly is this driving?

The Push PR showroom is a large, open, light space. It is the hub of our business and the campaigns devised and actioned for clients. #PushCONNECT is about throwing open the doors and inviting people in to see the space, find out more about our capabilities and in doing so meet likeminded individuals and businesses within a creative, relaxed and inspiring environment.

Having launched my own business and worked alone for long periods of time – without a team to bounce ideas off, have conversations with, seek advice from, not to mention keep me sane – I learnt quickly how important people are. Times are so different now, and I believe that if we can support each other and connect on a global level we’ll be in a better place personally and professionally.

I love having a hugely diverse mix of people through the showroom doors so #PushCONNECT is a catalyst for this.

How do you connect brands, business and individuals?
In so many ways. It really depends on what the objectives are and what is needed. Some clients/brands want to be connected with buyers, others directly with the consumer through events and pop-ups, others purely with the media, influencers and VIPs. Our approach is very bespoke, tell us your objectives and we will develop a plan. Overall though, it really starts with the contacts.

Having been in the industry for 20 years and running Push for 15 years – in addition to a strong team of experts across Fashion, Fine Jewellery, Luxury, Beauty and Lifestyle –  the connections made have been invaluable. Who you know is absolutely a factor to success; we have a big black book that grows on a daily basis.

How important are connections in your view, and how do you maintain them?
So important, essential. Whilst sometimes it can feel like a challenge to be out there, face-to-face is the most powerful way to make and maintain valuable connections. Regular meet ups are key too, hence #PushCONNECT.

Sometimes going back and forth via email making dates for coffee, lunch and just general catch up meetings can become hugely time consuming (and frustrating!) so my approach is create a platform and venue where people can drop in and meet multiple people at the same time. I spent so long wishing someone else would do it and then the entrepreneur in me kicked in and I did it myself.

Last brilliant person/business/brand you met with, where and what resonated with you as a business owner?
The Get To Know gang; three women who are all different but share the same vision, energy and drive. Gorgeous humans inside and out, a complete breath of fresh air. There’s no single agenda they are just living life, trying things out and offering a much needed honesty; the only thing I don’t resonate with is the marathon running – that’s where I draw the line!

What does successful comms look like to you?
Understanding who needs to know what and telling them through multiple ways (word of mouth, digital and print, social media). It all starts with knowing who your consumer is then developing a strategy to seek them out, establish what and who they are influenced by and then communicate through those channels.

What does Push look for in a new client?
Passion, commitment, transparency and ambition.

Most notable showroom event to date and why?
Since we moved into the Arts Building in Finsbury Park back in 2015 we’ve had so many events; pop-up shops, Christmas markets, focus groups, launches, hula hooping classes – so it’s hard to choose.

I think our Christmas party #ConnectedCHRISTMAS last November was particularly noteworthy. There was no key objective or agenda apart from to have fun and celebrate 2017. We definitely ticked that box, and then some. I’m currently planning our summer party… the team don’t know yet though!

What does 2018 look like for Push?
Really exciting. Some great global connections; watch this space for #PushCONNECT Brazil and #PushCONNECT NYC in addition to upcoming projects in the Middle East. We have two wonderful international partner agencies; The Tesla Group  in the US and Mariana Wehbe  in the Middle East and we are looking forward to adding partner agencies in both China and Russia.

Our focus is very much on international luxury lifestyle; the culturally enriched wanderluster seeking out aspirational brands and experience across the globe. We also have some great new additions to the existing team including a new Style Director and Luxury Director. Podcasts are also on the agenda so it’s going to be a busy but very exciting year ahead.

We are hosting a #PushCONNECT event this month, 10am- 1pm Monday 22nd January, where Emma Hart will make new introductions, discuss Push services in detail and answer any burning questions from guests. Join us, just RSVP to gemma@pushpr.co.uk

PushCONNECT Morning 22nd Jan

Push x


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