Alexandra Miro on her eponymous swimwear label, luxury travel and dream destinations for 2018

When it comes to luxury swim and resort wear that is both contemporary and considered in its design, Alexandra Miro is a label that ticks boxes.

Not only do collections flatter (hello figure!) but signature details, such as low sweeping backs, clean lines, geometric straps and sculpted cups across key styles, assume a timeless aesthetic. Think pieces you’d pack for every pool-side/ beach-front getaway.

So well travelled is new Push PR client, Miro, that we took it upon ourselves to get a few travel recommendations down towards the I-have-to-go-here-in-2018 list.

Here are a few gems to note from the designer herself, perfect if you’re after a little jet-set inspiration.

Alexandra Miro Creative Director | Luxury Swimwear

Swimwear is the most important item to factor in when packing for a holiday; what inspired your label and the design aesthetic behind it?
Unlike many brands that are inspired by specific resort locations, Alexandra Miro finds inspiration from those unlikely sources. I have always had a love of modernist architecture and many of the swimsuits celebrate clean, linear lines and sculptural shapes.

The swimwear designs are also about showcasing the female form to make it look its most powerful, strong and ultimately, alluring. They have a sport luxe feel to them and that is very central to the brand DNA which is about celebrating, health, fitness and general wellbeing.

Bikini, one piece or both intermittently?
I personally only wear one pieces, very occasionally a two piece. I love the ease of a one piece as I’m quite active on holiday and want to swim without fear of exposure!

That said, we understand that many women love wearing bikinis and so have begun introducing them to collections in order to meet customer demand. At the end of the day Alexandra Miro is all about making women feel empowered and confident in their swimwear choices so whatever floats your boat; bikini or one piece the choice is yours.

Travel destination you’d highly recommend, why and what your experience of it is?
That is so hard! I do have a special fondness for Ibiza as there are so many different facets to the island; party, beaches and hedonistic vibe. It’s somewhere I return to year after year, if only for a weekend and I immediately feel at home.

Hotel for a little slice of paradise?
I adore The Datai in Malaysia (currently being refurbished and reopening later this year) as it’s set in such an idyllic location.

Top five travel destinations for 2018 and why?
1. The Philippines; despite the recent tycoon it is is very much on my go to list. As yet it is relatively unspoiled which is the perfect reason to discover it before everyone else does.

2. Corsica; for the most pristine beaches in Europe.

3. Montenegro; as it’s steeped in history and less touristy than Croatia. Forza Terra is a boutique hotel that is on my go to list.

4. Uruguay; where the hip are holidaying

5. Turkey; namely the Chenot at the D Maris. After encountering the Chenot experience – the ultimate detox retreat – in Merano I would love to do a one week detox in its stunning new Turkey location.


What makes a trip truly unique in your eyes?
Special trips take you out of your everyday life and transport you to a completely different world. They imbue a sense of relaxation and connection with the universe. In fact, many 5 star hotels with fast broadband do the opposite. They are merely a slightly more ambient version of your office at home!

Most memorable travel experience to date?
Without a doubt the most memorable trip I’ve ever taken was to the Okavango Delta in Botswana. In these remote locations that can only located by light aircraft you are forced to completely switch off and immerse yourself in the scenery and wildlife. It is unlike anything else, it is one of those once in a lifetime trips.

For foodies booking luxury travel this year; where would you recommend?
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is where I have eaten some of the best food recently. It is a real melting pot of cultures – Indian, Malay, Chinese – and the food scene is very reflective of just how multi-cultural it is. You can also eat the best sushi outside of Japan.

You most recently discovered….?
Coworth Park a hotel in the Dorchester Collection.

How do you get over post-holiday blues?
Book another holiday!

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