Running; get your head in the game with DASH

We have launched #PushRUN; a new initiative to get us doing exactly that. Running.

The thought of running on a weekly basis in actual leggings for some (the majority of the Push team) sounds like actual torture but we are determined to get involved, get educated and get fitter. This is not just for new year, this is ongoing, this is for as long as our legs will carry us.

Last week track athlete Sarada Nag, of DASH, came into the showroom to bring the team up to speed on running technique with a view to switching up our attitude and ability. Sarada founded DASH in order to re-educate people on speed, stamina and strength with 30 minute running classes that prove it’s simply a case of having the right mindset.

Read our Q&A with Sarada below for more details on getting your sprint on, why trying a 30 minute class is a no-brainer and what to eat/drink ahead of a session.

dash run workshop

For those unfamiliar, what is DASH and what are the team championing?
We’re a bit greedy, we champion two things: running technique and breaking down the barriers to sprinting. A lot of people start running by setting out for a long run, which is great because we have to start somewhere but unless you prepare your body to run you’re probably doing more harm than good. Sprinters spend most of their time preparing to run and so strengthen and activate the right muscle groups needed for running. This preparation is actually the secret to running faster, stronger and easier!

When people say, “yes, but I genuinely hate running” we’re guessing you’re well equipped with an answer? Does the team believe they can convert us all?
Well, yes we have a lot of people that hate running, but a lot of people hate running because it’s monotonous and they find it hard so don’t get anything from it. We believe that running fast it actually a lot easier than running slow. Mainly because when you think about what you’re doing (technique) you stop thinking about how you’re feeling, plus sprints are over and done with much quicker… that’s incentive enough.

As a 400m track athlete, you are all about the sprint – what is it about the sport that empowers you?
Sprinting is such an exhilarating feeling. It reminds me of being a kid, running downhill and my legs just going and going. The sport is more than just the physical benefits, the most empowering thing is that it teaches you to focus your mind and is bizarrely meditative. I have yet to find anything that truly focuses on the development of strength through your body and mind whilst working at such speed.

Three reasons to try the 30 minute DASH Running Class?
1. It’s only 30 mins
2. Running fast is easier than running slow
3. We can actually make you run faster for longer effortlessly (yes, this is very bold but true)

New year, new you; how do you feel about that common phrase?
Setting resolutions are always a good incentive to start somewhere – but you don’t really need to wait until the new year to make any form of change. The phrase is a little cliche but you know what, if it helps you to plan and refocus then there’s no harm in a cliche.

Best bit of advice for getting through January and keeping the momentum?
Stop looking at all your friends on the beach via Instagram. Obviously social media is great for inspiration and tips, but there is so much on there so try not to get side tracked or feel disheartened. Pick one thing that you want to do (i.e. run every Monday) and stick to it no matter how you feel, keep turning up to it throughout January without making any excuses. I honestly rearrange plans to see people straight after I’ve worked out so I can’t give myself that excuse. Improvements come from consistency.

What do you eat/drink ahead of a running class?
I tend to eat at least 1.5hrs ahead of class so if it’s in the morning I’ll have eggs, I’m obsessed with eggs! That said, I’ll have eggs in the evening too. Ahead of a later class I’ll just have a light snack like an energy ball or banana and peanut butter. Remember to drink water throughout the day, you can’t suddenly down a load of water before class as that just doesn’t work. Hydrate throughout the day!

What’s on your playlist right now?
I always tend to have a hip hop playlist, a bit of Kanye, Bryson Tiller – but I’ve just looked and there’s a lot of Ed Sheeran on there right now…. interesting.

Biggest achievement to date?
Setting up DASH. Seriously, for anyone who wants to start anything remotely entrepreneurial, yes it’s amazing how much you learn and the amazing people you meet (I even met my boyfriend doing this) but it’s hard work. Having a brand and people recognising your classes is an achievement in itself.

Tell us more about the upcoming track run workshop on the 15th January?
There are so many run clubs in London, but nobody actually teaches you how to run properly or exactly what the benefits of sprinting are. A lot of people are scared of sprinting (when they really shouldn’t be, it’s just running fast) and so our workshop on the 15th is to show those newcomers, avid runners and fitness fanatics what it means to sprint and run properly. All of our coaches are track athletes so there is real expert tips from the people that know how. Hopefully everyone that turns up will be faster for it!

Best way to cool down post sprint?
Jog, skip, stretch, eat. In that order! Around 800m of a very light jog and light skip to get the heart rate down and of course always a light stretch… plus you’re going to be starving!

Intrigued? Up for starting something new or perfecting what you already know? Find out more about DASH and get involved here.

Push x

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