Golden Globes 2018: beauty looks to get down

Still checking out all the red carpet looks from Sunday night’s Golden Globes? Black dress envy? Hair envy? Same.

Particularly Reese Witherspoon and Jessica Chastain on the hair front. We want those waves!

So much so that we go a few pointers down from their very own hair stylists, Lona Vigi and Renato Campora respectively, to get a step-by-step guide on how to get the look using T3 Haircare products. Scroll down and note down.

Reese Witherspoon; hair styled by Lona Vigi

“My overall inspiration for the look came about from the current state of solidarity amongst women in the world right now, and of course the #TimesUp campaign that Reese was such a huge part of,” Vigi said.

“We talked about keeping Reese’s hair feminine and strong yet still soft. Like the dynamic of a woman. It’s kind of the best of both worlds, and not too much of one thing, but it’s still perfect red carpet hair. Hands down, this could not have been achieved without the T3 tools. I can only be as good as the tools and products I have and I cannot say enough great things about the new Cura blow dryer and flat iron from T3.”


1. Reese came with wet hair, so we started with a fresh blowout. I spritzed a protective heat conditioner from roots to ends and then swept through with a wide tooth comb to evenly distribute it.

2. I then sectioned the hair off with clips and started working from the bottom of the hair, drying sections with the T3 Featherweight 2i hair dryer. I usually blow-dry the front of the hair first (the parts framing the face).

3. Once the hair was fully dry and set, we took it down and assessed just how we wanted to wear the hair down. We went with a deeper side part because we wanted to switch things up and add more drama. There’s many ways to dress the hair up when wearing it down, and that’s a great way to add a little more interest when you’re not wearing your hair in an up-do.

4. From there, I went piece by piece with the T3 SinglePass Luxe straightener, moving it in an upwards-and-under motion to ensure the utmost volume at the roots and the overall shape of the hair. I started by the face, and then worked my way around and back. For the red carpet, hair worn down has to be flattened with precision while still maintaining the health and luster of the hair. That’s where great tools come into play, otherwise you encounter a whole mess of flyway’s, which are not ideal for red carpet.

Jessica Chastain; hair styled by Renato Campora


1. To start, I created a deep side part to structure her look. We wanted a very defined style to compliment the structure of Jessica’s gown.

2. I then sprayed smoothing blowout spray on her damp hair as it speeds up drying time and helps me shape and control the hair with a light hold.

3. Next, I dried Jessica’s hair using a T3 dryer, try the T3 Featheweight 2i, using a round brush to smooth and create silky shine all over.

4. Once her hair was fully dry I used the T3 Twirl Convertible curling wand and went section by section curling the whole head.

5. I pinned the curls while they cooled to create defined, lush curls that aren’t too overdone.

6. Once her hair was fully cool and set, I brushed her hair out and pushed her hair back on the left side of her head to showcase her gorgeous earrings, and pulled the hair on the right side forward to frame her face.

7. I then sprayed hair spray all over to make sure her hair was voluminous and elegant all evening.


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