#HiddenInTheTrunk; everything you need to know

Push has partnered with #HiddenInTheTrunk, a new retail business driving experiential shopping pop-up events spearheaded and curated by fine jeweller Sarah Ho.

The first two-day pop-up will take place the 8th and 9th of December at No Such Place on Neal Street, Covent Garden and will coincide with the launch of Sarah Ho’s new online jewellery marketplace, HiddenJewellery.com 

Sarah has handpicked three brands that will showcase for the occasion, the idea being to bring together global consumers seeking a truly personalised, truly luxury shopping experience.

Each trunk show will champion both local and international design talent spanning luxury fashion and lifestyle, so it is absolutely worth noting down forthcoming dates via the Facebook page – especially if you’re partial to a little experiential luxury unlike any other.

We spoke to Sarah ahead of this month’s trunk show to talk more about retail (and its future), shopping behaviours and ask her to share a few pearls of wisdom for  designers entering the market; read the below interview for all the details.

Hidden Jewellery

#HiddenInTheTrunk is a new initiative focused on experiential retail; what does luxury shopping mean to you?

For me, luxury shopping is an enjoyable experience. It’s all about the fun of finding new products in a stress- free way, something that can’t be bought everywhere and enjoying the process. This is why online shopping has evolved so rapidly and in doing so, changed the retail landscape so that we shop at home to suit ourselves, it’s a chance to have quality time and indulge.

Although the online revolution is here to stay I really feel there is a gap in the market for people who are looking for the same experience as they have online but in a different environment. #HiddenInTheTrunk fills that niche in the market and makes people feel special by treating themselves to a memorable personal shopping experience.

How will this series of pop-up trunk shows tap into the way luxury consumers shop today?

The focus of our pop-ups will always be about the experience, from the choice of venues (this might be a friend’s apartment or a secret location); the exclusivity of the brands that are invited each time and way the guests are treated. It’s not a traditional retail environment but we like to feel it’s personal and relaxed, we are taking the shopping out of the shop by creating one destination that has it all.

Tell us more about the edit of brands you are launching the campaign with and how you discovered them

To start, each event will feature the new ‘Hidden Jewellery’ brand which is actually a new online jewellery concept for designer jewellery brands at very special prices. Hidden Jewellery will be prominent at each #HiddenInTheTrunk event.

For the launch event, we will be featuring two Italian brands that are showing for the first time in the UK. Mara Concept Store, a multi-brand fashion company from  Avellino and Laetitia, an Italian leather handbag brand.

Why these two brands you may ask? I own a beach club in Sardinia so I meet lots of interesting people each season, this is where I met Mara and Fabrizio (Laetitia Founder) and we have become great friends over the years. Mara has amazing taste and she personally selects the pieces for her fashion concept store in Avellino, Italy. I love the all the amazing designer brands she stocks such as Golden Goose, Yves Salomon, Momoni and Circus Hotel. The leather bags and accessories from Laetitia are beautiful, stylish and the quality of the leather and craftsmanship is superb. I have four Laetitia bags, and have a number of outfits chosen by Mara.

How do you shop, where do you shop for luxury and what inspires you to buy?

I do a lot of my shopping online or at private events. If I am shopping online then it’s just the simplicity and convenience that appeals to me as I can be at home browsing with a cup of tea. If it’s at an event then I feel the atmosphere is very important. I need to feel comfortable enough to want to try on the pieces.

‘No Such Place’ is a contemporary underground venue (almost like a members club), what made you decide to host the debut pop-up here?

I love the venue as it suits our #HiddenInTheTrunk shopping concept. As you say, it’s like an underground secret venue but with a homey feel, warm and cosy but still stylish and I love the décor too because you don’t feel like you are shopping in a typical retail environment. It’s a great place to go with your friends, chat and try on clothes and jewellery whilst enjoying a glass of champagne (or cup of tea!).

As a fine jewellery designer you have a huge amount of experience within the luxury industry; what would you say to someone entering the market?

To a young jewellery designer starting today, I would say you need to be passionate about what you do. Believe in yourself, work hard and live your dream. I can’t pretend it’s easy, the journey will be fraught along the way but that’s part of character building and finding the right direction for your own jewellery. Ultimately it’s about being proud of who you are and what you have achieved.

The future of luxury is…. ?

Taking the ‘shopping out of the shop’ to create a luxurious memorable experience that is exciting and rewarding.

Push x




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