byEloise London; SO much more than hair bands

Hair bands are those things you never have on you when you need them most. Failing that, you’re reliant on the one flimsy, close-to-snapping band you’re wearing (or that is lurking in the bottom of your handbag) so we genuinely believe that multiple should be worn/carried at all times.

byEloise London is the latest addition to the Push BEAUTY department and for those unfamiliar with the brand, it’s your answer to high quality hair bands that don’t break or stretch. Beyond the functionality is the charms, oh the charms!, that make it possible for the hair bands to double up as bangle bands that can be stacked up or worn individually. Clever, no?

New styles are added to the collection every season so you can constantly switch up (and in) colourways and charms according to what you like the look of.

We spoke to Anine and Lena, the two Scandinavian women behind the brand, upon our new client announcement to talk backstory,  work/life balance and what they have up their sleeves for 2018. Read the interview below to find out how these women do business.


byEloise London; not just your average hair band. Tell us more.

We have turned an everyday staple into a fashionable accessory that adds to your outfit and that does the job of keeping your hair looking gorgeous whatever the occasion. When it’s not keeping your pony in place it looks lovely on your wrist as a fashionable bracelet.

Describe the brand in three words.

Everyday, fashion, candy.

As two Scandi working mums your schedule must be pretty full-on; how do you get the balance right?

This is number one on our wish list for Christmas. We’re not any different from most other working mums, it is really difficult to get the balance right. When you have your own business, you have more freedom but at the same time your work is always present. Making sure that we have the best co-workers, who are equally as passionate about byEloise, will also help with getting that balance.

What has been your biggest professional learning to date?

You cannot do everything yourself. When we have tried to do everything, we have sometimes ended up doing nothing. It is good to know your business by having done everything yourself but it is equally important to be able to let go and let others help.

byEloise London

What inspires a new collection?

Anine is a fashionista who consumes endless fashion magazines so she is always up to speed on the latest trends. The velvet collection, which we launched this winter, is a good reflection of this. Our travels are also a source of inspiration and we both have a passion for art and nature.

Dream collaboration?

We both love Stella McCartney; her active wear collection is to die for, it’s just missing a fun and functional accessory. A bangle band perhaps?

How do you wear yours?

We love to wear many and are always excited to try our latest styles. We both wear them on the wrist paired with our favourite bracelets, but also in the hair. I  wear mine in a classic ponytail and Anine often wears hers in a casual bun or a braid. Our daughters are our biggest fans and they wear them stacked to their elbows.

Tease something exciting in the pipeline…

The velvets we have just launched are gorgeous and soon there will be an array of spring colours added to the collection. This spring we are equally excited about matching our plush velvet bangle bands with glittery metalics and new stylish charms will be added to our classics collection.

Push x




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