Meet the women behind Frame Chain; the luxury accessory brand taking glasses chains to another level

FRAME CHAIN brought back the glasses chain in a big way when it launched its debut collection of standout styles in 2013. Think luxury spin on the standard glasses chain. Think wearable, seasonless, practical. So practical.

Ann-Margret Kearney and Vanessa Harrington, the women behind the brand, are driving the eyecessory forwards with a continued focus on contemporary design so that every piece works on any frame (specs, sunnies, anything in the vicinity) as well as a statement necklace. GOLDEN concept, no? Wait until you see the latest collection.

We caught up with Annie and Vanessa, swish new Push clients, to talk starting out, FRAME CHAIN family, women in business and Missy Elliott.

Read the need-to-knows in the interview below.

Frame Chain; luxury glasses chains

Luxury glasses chains; the idea is genius. When exactly did you know you were both onto something?

Why thank you. Well, we have had the support of Liberty since our first collection, which was a good indication, but at SILMO in September (an optical fair in Paris) our stand was full of people asking us incredible questions the entire time.

Getting the attention of big brands we admire and super-cool independents. That took it to a new level.

Would you say that the glasses chain, as an accessory, is yet to reach peak can’t-leave-the-house-without-it status?

Totally! We are hoping to climb all the way to the top of the peak and pop a FRAME CHAIN flag at the summit. We have done the ground work and already have huge advocates so we want to get more people into the FRAME CHAIN family! We say the FRAME CHAIN is the accessory you didn’t know you needed, until now.

Who, in your eyes, wears frames as the fashion gods intended (nonchalant/no compromising/with realness)?

Me! Ha, ha, ha (Annie)!

I mean, we’ll state the obvious… Iris Apfel! But we love Coco and Breezy. These girls kill it everyday with mega style and total individualism.

Frame Chain

What does it mean to you both to be women in business together today?

We are two best friends with big imaginations who happen to be women; it’s the best of times and the worst of times. Tech advancements mean its easier than ever to start and grow something, while female empowerment has also created an incredible network of other women in business who we can turn to. We know some pretty awesome men who help us along too.

What do you each bring to the table?

Me? Coffee. Vanessa? Delicious homemade cakes!

What has been the biggest learning to date?

Little and often, you can’t do it all at once so the small wins should be celebrated daily. It’s also about giving yourself a break; there is so much to do, so many things to achieve, so many ideas to realise but we have to try and break it down into what’s is really important now, and what can wait until next week, next month or even next year!

Last brand and/or person you followed on Instagram and why?

It was you guys! Because you are our new wunderbar PR agency.

Missy Elliott is referenced across the FLIP IT, DIP IT, REVERSE IT collection; is she a regular on your playlist when you work it? Who else?

Right now it’s Jungle keeping us going, we also love Jessie Ware and then there’s Bill Withers for working late/overtime.

Tease something exciting in the pipeline….

Events that aren’t about drinking and talking. It’s about listening and doing something that can make a difference whilst meeting some pretty mega people along the way.

Frame Chain in five words… ?

Eyecessory. Chic. Practical. Bang up-to-date. Is up-to-date cheating?

Push x

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