Anabela Chan for The Sorority

Push is honoured to have partnered with The Sorority, a private society that brings together professional women, for the unveiling of its collaboration with acclaimed Jewellery Designer Anabela Chan.

The collection includes two limited edition Soror Cocktail Rings, inspired by the club’s spirit of sisterhood and conceived as two distinct expressions, and marks the first time The Sorority has collaborated with one of its members.

Ahead of this week’s VIP unveiling, aboard the Silver Sturgeon, we spoke to Lisa Tsa, Founder of The Sorority, and Anabela Chan to talk women in business, networking, success and social media.

The Sorority unites influential women and celebrates their success; what does this mean to you both and how has being part of this circle steered you personally and professionally?

Lisa: Supporting, sharing, and succeeding together is wonderfully empowering and reminds us that the the path to success does not have to be an isolated struggle. It can be an inspiring and rewarding challenge that is enriched when we share that journey with like-minded sisters.

Anabela: When women support women, great things can be achieved.

This is the first time The Sorority has partnered with one of its sister members; why now and what next?

Lisa: Since launching The Sorority in 2010, we have watched the club grow into a close circle of remarkable women who nurture an abundance of positive energy and intimate trust. We were supporting each other and inspiring success in each other.

The spirit of our distinct sisterhood was so empowering that we wanted to explore the ways we could share this spirit beyond the members of the club, A collaboration to celebrate the spirit of sisterhood was a natural step.

We are delighted to collaborate with our Sorority sister Anabela Chan, whom as a member has experienced what The Sorority represents first hand. She has designed two exquisite Soror Rings for The Sorority which we hope will bring joy, strength and confidence.

As for the future, we are excited to be exploring new projects so watch this space!

What does wearing a piece of fine jewellery, like the Soror ring, mean to you?

Anabela: Jewellery has the magic to empower and bring immense joy; for something so small that can be held in the palm of your hand, it can hold a world of emotions and memories. An object of art and craftsmanship, beauty and desire that can be worn on the body close to our hearts.

Lisa: Jewellery is so personal and emotional. When Anabela first presented me with the Soror Rings, I was simply stunned by them. When you gaze upon the Soror Sapphire Ring, it is hard not to smile and feel an innate joy conjured from the its enticing palette and mesmerising colours. In contrast, The Soror Tourmaline Ring ushers in a quiet confidence. Its understated tones reflect an inner strength whilst remaining sophisticated and glamorous. I would happily wear both all day, every day.

Women supporting women in business, and beyond, is so incredibly important; what one piece of advice would you give to young aspiring women starting out in their field?

Anabela: Be true to who you are, listen to your heart and inner instinct.

Lisa: Trust actions, not words.

What was the last thing that truly inspired you?

Lisa: I am definitely inspired by people every day. I encounter such a diverse range of beautiful minds and souls, and I love to listen to their stories. There are remarkable lessons in every tale.

Anabela: Motherhood! I recently gave birth to my first daughter, Valentine Rose. There is no love or sense of joy and fulfilment like being a mother. My support network of incredible, strong and positive women from my family, staff and friends have made it possible; it is a wonderful time to be a mother who enjoys running my brand and business at the same time.

How do you think social media platforms like Instagram have shaped the way we communicate and storytell? Do you think it has given women a louder voice?

Anabela: The instantaneous effect of social media has allowed us to reach far and beyond and to unit people with similar beliefs making it possible to achieve a greater collective voice to inspire change and a better world.

Lisa: We live in an age of digital data and content. A social platform has the remarkable potential to connect and mobilise groups like never before. From the #bringbackourgirls campaign to the activation of women’s marches, social media can magnify global awareness and activity, connecting sisters around the world.

The best way to make a positive and lasting impression when meeting someone new is… ?

Anabela: A big, beautiful smile.

Lisa: Being real.

If you were to share a recent and culturally enriching recommendation to an audience of women today, what would it be? 

Anabela: ‘We are all visitors on the planet. We are only here for one hundred years at the very most. During that period we must try to do something good, something useful, with our lives. If you contribute to other people’s happiness, you will find the true meaning of life.’ – Dalai Lama

Lisa: Join us at a Sorority dinner where the magic happens…

Inspired? Read more about The Sorority and its incredible sisterhood online here. As for setting your sights on the Soror Rings; keep tabs on Push’s Instagram feed for the official unveiling.

Push x


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