This is how we do #PushCONNECT

#PushCONNECT is part of an ongoing initiative that brings people, brands and businesses together in real life. It’s about making introductions and facilitating conversations with a view to inspiring creative collaborations, and it’s something Push is really running with.

Case in point our showroom event! A back-to-back schedule that started with a Power Breakfast hosted by Emma Hart and the We Are Get To Know team, covering the importance of networking and taking connections offline, meant that we had a full house from the get-go.

Not only were client collections beautifully curated so that guests could see the breadth of brands we represent but there were experiential set ups like the T3 Haircare pop-up, a manicure bar where Tabby Casto worked her magic, shampoo making with Maria Nila and DIY fragrance with the Experimental Perfume Club.

Then there was a Dinny Hall cocktail hour where the iconic British Jewellery Designer herself was interviewed by Luxury Fashion & Retail Consultant, Frances Card, on the future of the high street and the power of a good pair of hoops.

Thank you to everyone who joined us – this was just us flexing the #PushCONNECT muscles – and a huge shout out to our incredible sponsors; Juliet Sear, Escape & BakeEmily CrispsClear CoffeeCpress JuiceAdnamsBlooms Art and Walnut Dining.

Here’s a look at how we do PR and marketing…

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