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New client win; have a scroll...

We’ve added to our client portfolio; jump across to The Pommier for a look at the good stuff. The website, or global marketplace if you will, brings together independent brands (think fine jewellery and gorgeous accessories for men and women) and connects them with conscious online shoppers. Those who want more bang (craftsmanship, culture and curation) for their buck.

Here’s a few brands stocked that have already caught our eye.

Alice earrings palladium

Justine Clenquet

The Parisian designer, Justine Clenquet, has a definitive punk aesthetic that she has developed to create a collection of new classics. The vibe? Elegant, underground culture with a hint of the nineties nostalgia.

Tessa Metcalfe

Tessa Metcalfe Jewellery

Tessa Metcalfe is a Hackney girl! The Homage collection, built from the fine art of ‘finding beauty in the gutter’, celebrates her LOVE of pigeons. And London town. The pieces are stunning.


Dorka S Jewelry 

Think timeless pieces heavily influenced by the designer’s childhood. Dora Kovacs’ collections focus on structure and shape playing up a contemporary and experimental aesthetic. Have a browse through the handmade pieces and put your orders in.


Fera Jewellery

Sylish, symbolic and stemmed from a love of mythology across cultures. Fera Jewellery is accentuated by the designer’s love of alchemical properties of metal and gemstone, discover the brand via The Pommier.

Necklaces LS_NL20_02 & LS_NL30_01 -min

Rebecca Joseph Jewellery

The London-based designer Rebecca Joseph is a massive yogi; she found further zen through creating a collection inspired by the practice. And p.s the Yoga Bunny collection features bunnies. Cute.




Still seeking that minimal, cool, fully-functioning backpack? Let us introduce you to Boopacks. The handmade drawstring styles, created by sisters Katarina and Dominika Bucar, are all of the aforementioned.



Henry London

Time keeping is a sure thing if you’ve got a little Henry London wrist action going on, mainly because you’ll constantly be checking it out. Designers behind the brand have effectively combined the classic and the contemporary by pairing a spectrum of coloured dials in a stainless steel case with straps made from the finest soft leathers dyed to a bespoke pallet of regal shades. Swish, non?

Shop all collections on The Pommier, this isn’t even the half of it, here.

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