Meet Doaa Mohsen; the Egyptian designer behind Dalseen Jewellery

New Push PR client, Doaa Mohsen of Dalseen Jewellery, has an incredible story. With a Middle Eastern upbringing, a degree in economics and a desire to carve out a niche in the fine jewellery industry – a line of opulent, precious pieces that transcend time – it’s little wonder that she started her own business.

Mohsen is currently based in Cairo so we took the opportunity (of having a woman on the ground) to get the full scoop on what to see, do and where to stay as well as find out what her working day looks like.


On growing up in Cairo

I was never a history fan, but I still remember my enthrallment as a little girl when we first started learning about the Ancient Egyptians and how they adorned themselves with lavish jewels. Even the deceased were buried and sent off to the afterlife wearing their most exquisite pearls and emeralds.

I guess growing up in a culture that takes jewellery very seriously has sort of impacted me in a not-so subtle way.  Fine jewellery, especially gold and precious stones, are an essential part of the elite Middle Eastern life. Arabian women have a distinctive vintage, and may I add royal, taste. It was inevitable for my heritage to influence my designs, the same way they’re reflected in my views, looks and background.

Best place in Cairo for a little bit of culture?

You’ll feel the authenticity in almost every corner of this beautifully busy city; the downtown street life, the Pyramids, the grand mosques and ancient Coptic churches. But I’d say one of my favourite places, the place I’d recommend for visitors, is the Khan Al Khalily Souq; it’s probably one of the most unusual and oriental shopping districts in the world. You’ll find everything from valuable antiques to souvenirs and spices. There’s also the famous ‘Fishawis’ coffee shop where celebrities hang out. Hands down, the best coffee ever!

For cocktails?

Cairo is a city that never sleeps; the nightlife here is a bit crazy and very vivid so it’s hard to pick just one spot (especially since I don’t drink!)

Hotel recommendation and why?

Definitely the Four Seasons as it’s the most luxurious.

The Nile view from the top floor rooms is just picturesque and I am also absolutely in love with their spa. Then there’s the great service and amazing food. Their Middle Eastern cuisine restaurant is out of this world!


Museums and galleries to note?

The Egyptian Antiques Museum and the Citadel top the list, for sure. We’re actually planning a family trip to go and visit both places for about the twentieth time.

What does your typical working day look like?

My typical working day is very typical actually.

Early workout and then a quick breakfast with my husband before heading into the office. I usually spend most of the day in meetings, appointments with clients, working on new designs, replying to work emails and following up with manufacturers. I’m a perfectionist and a workaholic so even when I’m not working, I’m working!

I believe fine jewellery is different from any other industry, it’s like crafting timeless treasures. It takes lots of time, investment, effort and of course a little bit of magic.

Are you actually haunted by Cleopatra?

The world has not seen and probably will never see such an elegant, feminine yet extremely powerful queen like Cleopatra.

For thousands of years she was praised for her astounding wit, willpower and sophisticated taste over her beauty. Both her costumes and exquisite pieces of jewellery created the unforgettable image that has enthralled historians to this very day. I’ve dedicated an entire Dalseen collection to Queen Cleopatra in tribute as she has redefined the meaning of real beauty and class.

When a woman puts on a piece of your jewellery…?

I want her to feel unique. I want her to feel seen.

Like the final finishing touch or the perfect spice, I believe the right jewelry has the power to bring out the inner beauty that’s already there.


Take a look at the stunning, and quite frankly MASTERFUL, collections online and try telling us one of these pieces wouldn’t set your heart aglow.

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