Five minimal-cool beauty brands we want in the UK

You know when you fall down a rabbit hole on Instagram and stumble across really cool brands (via cool girls) only to whip out your bank card and discover they don’t yet ship to the UK? Why. WHY DOES THIS ALWAYS HAPPEN?

In frustration *and* anticipation we thought we’d share a few of the beauty brands we have only just got our hands on (Le Mini Macaron; honestly, your nails will love you) and those we’re counting on bagging as soon as they launch here.

Hey Glossier, we’re right here waiting 👋🏾

Scroll down for a heads up on some beaut beauty brands to know about courtesy of our very own Phoebe Grace Ede.


I’m a sucker for nice looking brands. I know it, everyone knows it. There is no real problem with this, bar the fact that all too often said beautiful brands are only stocked overseas which means it costs big monies to have my purchases shipped to the UK.

Until recently, Push Beauty client Le Mini Macaron was one of those brands. Hugely popular in Asia for its innovative at-home Gel Manicure Kit (which includes an LED lamp shaped just like a macaron) the brand finally ships to the UK. Better yet it’s stocked at Feel Unique as of now.

Then there are the others on my list; those that have caught my eye, but aren’t yet easily available over here in the UK. Here they are in no particular order…

‘Skin first. Makeup second. Smile always’. Ok so everyone knows that Glossier has announced its UK launch (happening later this year) and the Push team are stoked.

The brand sells skincare and makeup products including the Haloscope, a highlighter that makes your cheeks look like plump glazed doughnuts, and Boy Brow – THE brow product to have rn. Plus, all products are packaged in the most cupboard friendly minimal designs. So good, you’ll keep it out on display. Find out more about the brand here. Too cool.

With a UK shipping rate of $45, and a total of five stockists in the UK, I wouldn’t say that this gorgeous brand is readily available on our little island just yet. ‘SANS’ stands for seasonal, active, natural and sustainable, making the brand a part of the modern clean beauty movement.

It sells a range of haircare and skincare products, a lot of which are multipurpose too such as the Activator 7 Body + Hair + Face Oil, creating less clutter for you and less pollution for the environment. To top it all off, the packaging is not only gorgeous; it’s also 100% recyclable. Obsessed. Read more about the brand here.

J. Hannah is first and foremost a destination for minimal fine jewellery made in a LA studio. Recently however, she has launched a line of eleven nail polishes in colours that are perfect for anyone who tends to stick to a relatively muted clothing palette (me). Beautiful packaging designed by Natasha Mead, seven-free and not tested on animals. Unfortunately the polishes are only available via a few US based online stockists at the moment, beware the customs charge! Read more about this stunning collection here.

This minimal fragrance brand is inspired by family heritage from 1792, when Louis Marie Aubert du Petit Thouars was a pioneer in French botanical history. The brand now creates a range of luxury botanical fragrances and candles based on the floral traditions of their ancestor.

The simplicity of the packaging and the names of each fragrance make this the ultimate French-chic find. The brand does technically ship to the UK but at a price of at least £34, which is more than the cost of one of their candles. Boo! Discover more about this French heritage brand here.

Binu = Korean for soap. Who knew? Not I. This beautifully understated brand sells a range of 100% natural and handmade soaps, along with a few skincare items too. The brand is inspired by Korean public bathing traditions (unnerving but stay with me) in the way that cleansing was a ritual treated with respect, rather than just a throw-away thought in the morning. They use plant based ingredients and essential oils to create their unique, sculptured soaps. Some of their products are available at just a few online stockists such as Goop, but we want the whole collection please! For the low down on this unusual cleansing brand, see here.

Push x

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