Sweetest book launch ever

Kawaii Cakes; Adorable and Cute Japanese-Inspired Cakes and Treats by Juliet Sear

Juliet Sear knows how to do cute on another level. Case in point; Tuesday night’s Kawaii Cakes book launch.

Not only had Juliet and the team spent the entire day creating an edible candy wall along with THE MOST DELICIOUS sweet treats (yes unicorn poo cookies iced in rainbow royal icing) but the venue, Carousel, had been decked out with cute kawaii faces.

Pop-ups included a Bubbleology bar, sweet sushi bar, manicure station by Tabby and NC Nails, bookshop and a DIY cookie set-up. And then there was the DJ set by Jules. So many tunes.

Here’s our favourite CAKER celebrating alongside Fearne Cotton, Olivia Rubin, the Sugar Tits ladies, Topless Baker, Cupcake Jemma and The Boy Who Bakes. Congratulations Juliet!

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