Réard Paris; the relaunch

Louis Réard. If you’re not familiar with the name, you need to be.

Louis Réard is the Frenchman who liberated women by creating the bikini back in 1946, just after the Second World War. The unique and hugely controversial garment embodied EVERYTHING that post-war women needed; independence and freedom of social and sexual expression.

It is this history, dating back 70 years, that makes the Réard Paris relaunch such an incredible story.

Fashion, 1957, Swimwear designer Louis Reard of France sits with two models, Designer of the bikini (Photo by Popperfoto/Getty Images)

On 5 July 1946 the bikini, aptly named after Bikini Atoll (the test site for the atomic bomb located in the South Pacific), exploded onto the scene during the official launch at the Piscine Molitor in Paris. This is where Réard presented his debut design; a daring cut in newsprint fabric nodding to the column inches he was ranking up.

With no natural successor to carry on its mantle, Réard Paris disappeared out of view, however, the brand remained intact and Push is honoured to have partnered with the team to re-launch the luxury resort wear brand this month.

Today, the Paris atelier is occupied by a creative team that employ the same level of sophisticated craftsmanship alongside cutting-edge technology to ensure that innovation is at the centre.

“Réard is firmly grounded in modernity,” says Celine Adler, Creative Director.

“References come from architecture and minimalist graphic shapes of the Bauhaus movement, as well as inspiring and empowered women from the 70s such as Jane Birkin and Lauren Hutton.”

The aesthetic? Think sharp lines and seamless finishes that create a natural silhouette. Exactly what contemporary women want.

Here’s a preview of what’s to come…

RÉARD Paris Réard Paris Réard Paris

Push x



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