What Push looks for in a new hire

Notable shifts are happening across the global luxury industry as it attempts to cater for a broader, digital-first consumer base. As a communications agency, Push works with clients and creatives to consult on the future-proofing of business to ensure that products, services and campaigns are innovative, authentic and results driven.

The team here are specialists in their own field – 360 degree PR, marketing, event management, consultancy, digital and social media, brand partnerships – so there is a real focus on delivering to the absolute utmost for clients and the Push brand itself.

We are looking for an internationally connected Luxury Account Director to join the team as the agency expands its global strategy; the ideal candidate will have over five years’ experience managing a portfolio of luxury clients and a strong network of contacts incorporating but not limited to the media.

Ahead of this hire we interviewed Emma Hart, Push Founder and Creative Director, to find out exactly what she looks for in a candidate.

If you are looking for an ambitious new role within global comms or know someone suited to this role, email your CV and cover letter to olivia@pushpr.co.uk


What do you look for in a candidate?

Energy, creativity, passion for business and an unrivalled international little black book. They must also have the desire and skills to inspire, excite and motivate the team and clients.

How receptive are you when it comes to recruiting someone who will drive your business forward and lead teams?

This is an absolute must. I want someone who will bring something new to Push and definitely contribute to the ongoing strategic growth of the agency.

How goal-orientated does a new hire need to be?

100%, without goals there’s no sense of making progress or achievement. I hate the idea of standing still.

Three things that really, really impress at interview stage?

Firstly I’d have to say a sound knowledge of Push and our client portfolio, secondly an understanding of our competitors and where we sit in the market.

And finally, unprompted creative and strategic thinking impresses me. As do ideas that show they have really thought about what they could bring to the agency and how they could deliver.

When hiring at director level, how much research do you do on a candidate ahead of interview?

Lots. We also ask our extensive network of media, bloggers, influencers and VIP’s who they would recommend. Recommendation is key.

It’s important we do thorough research; we are a close team and we need to know our next director will be as passionate and dedicated as our existing team.

How key is being active on social media for a candidate?

It’s essential.

How important is cultural fit and how do you ensure that this is managed?

Very important. The Push culture and the push brand is at the heart of everything. We are passionate about the agency, each other, our clients and of course the campaigns we deliver. Culturally we pride ourselves on creating an environment which is positive, supportive, creative and results driven.

Does the luxury industry have longevity? What do you anticipate next and how do you guide your clients accordingly?

 Absolutely, it’s an industry that Push is incredibly passionate about. As we hit material saturation and landfill, decluttering and living well but better become bigger stories and modern luxury is at the very heart of this.

The future is luxury, and by this I mean, time, experience and fulfilment. Our clients all have one overarching thing in common – they have a story, an individuality and quality behind them. We guide all clients to stay true to their core values and we amplify these through strategic communications campaigns where we connect the right discerning consumer to the client.

Push x

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