Marie-Sophie Lockhart x 3INA; the Art Freedom collection

As far as debut collaborations go, this is a winner.

3INA has teamed up with Marie-Sophie Lockhart of Lockhart Embroidery for the launch of Art Freedom; a new collection of expressive, empowering make-up that knows no boundaries.

Inspired by the going out gear of Club Kids in the 80s the limited edition collection includes long-wear lipstick, bold reflective eyeshadow, mirror nail polishes and powder pearls (for the throwback).

We caught up with French born, now Brooklyn based, Marie-Sophie to talk embroidery, colour palette, self-empowerment and Drake.

Marie-Sophie Lockhart 3INA Art Freedom

Club Kids in the 80s? Tell us more.

We wanted to do something more around the 80s because the 80s are the new 70s. It was an era when you could be super creative with make-up; go crazy, have fun and look completely fabulous. London’s Club Kids – the beautiful ladies and men experimenting with their looks – were a huge inspiration for us.

What do you wear on a night out?

A blazer jacket with an open white shirt, jeans and high heeled shoes. Or a 1930s satin dress with Converse.

What does having artistic freedom allow you to achieve?

It allows you to discover yourself – really be yourself. When someone gives you the freedom of doing something you have to think about what it is you want. You have to try new things and remove any boundaries. That’s so important to the way I work, and to the way I live.

What’s the deal with Drake?

He’s really nice. Super nice. He just wants to help out the people he believes in and he has been so supportive of my work.

I embroidered some praying hands on the back of my jeans – from his If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late album cover – and tagged him in as a joke; the next morning I woke up with lots of new followers so I direct messaged him and he got back to me straight away saying, “It’s all love, enjoy your day”. Then he sent me another message saying he’d love me to work on some clothes for him. That’s how it all started.

He gave me his phone number and then, when he came to New York to play with Nas, I met up with him for a couple of drinks. We talked about life like we were were friends, it was really nice. It was so chill.

How does this collection empower women?

You can be who you want to be with this collection, or you can play around and be someone different. I think that make-up is meant to make you feel beautiful for yourself; I put make-up on for me. I like to mix colours from the eyeshadow palette, and the Chubby Highlighter is great because you can wear it with nothing else.

Anything that makes you feel more beautiful and comfortable with your body is empowering.

Given the current tumultuous political climate artistic freedom is so important. How will you continue to use your platforms to express yourself through your work?

The good thing about social media is that you can curate yourself. You have a voice, and people from across the globe can see your work. I plan to keep sharing what I do and what inspires me, I think people need to speak up and say what they think.

Shop the collection in-store and online now.

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