What stresses you out? How do you keep your cool? Push talks Stress Awareness Month

Money. Time. Workload. Family. Health. Relationship. Commute. Social Media. SO MUCH STRESS.

April is Stress Awareness Month, the annual 30-day period when healthcare professionals, publications and campaigners join forces to increase public awareness about both the causes and cures for the modern stress epidemic.

Here the #PushTEAM share their stresses and how they go about handling them; have a read.



Katy Dawson, Fashion & Lifestyle Co-ordinator

I think a certain amount of stress for me is a good thing; when I work under pressure I’m more productive. But when I feel like a situation is out of my control, that’s when I get stressed – when I don’t know what I’m doing or feel like I’m not progressing. I’d like to say I overcome stress by going to the gym, but really I just listen to some Bieber and zone out.

Georgia Randrup, Beauty Account Executive

Anyone who knows me well also knows that I can get stressed at the smallest of things on a daily basis. It’s partly down to my highly-strung personality, but it’s definitely exaggerated by the fact I operate on a lot of nervous energy.

I suffer from psoriasis and as a result, you’ll often find me scratching or repetitively pulling my hair out. When I’m at work I find taking a 10 minute walk away from my desk does wonders to calm my mind and refresh. When things aren’t going as planned, you’ll find me listening to my go-to tune, Tubthumping by Chumbawamba… It’s guaranteed to put a smile on my face!

Daisy May Sitch, Editorial Content Director

Time stresses me out, mainly because I feel like I never have any. When I’m feeling stressed and working to tight deadlines I drink masses of coffee (beyond my normal 10 pint quota) for a quick fix – I also flit between windows open in my browser attempting to do all the things at once. Massively unproductive. Massively shaky. Taking an actual lunchbreak and getting outside is how I clear my head – though this only works if I stay off my phone. Fresh air and real life things – I need more of this in my life.

Pippa Roberts, Fashion Account Director

Feeling out of control with my life and not being able to multi-task as much as normal makes me feel stressed. I get huge friendship guilt too when I haven’t been there for someone, or when I cancel plans. My stress manifests itself internally, I am prone to IBS and exhaustion! Luckily, I never get angry or scream at people (I hope).

I get over it by initially attempting to hide out, and then pushing myself to go out with friends. It really is the perfect remedy, and sets me back on the right path.

Jordanne Young, Jewellery Account Director

S. T. R. E. S. S. – Drake, as my saviour, knows: “Very few give you that truth, it’s either they can’t do it with lyrics/ Or can’t do it in spirit, they cancel what they doin'”.

There’s no point repressing what makes you stressed. My approach is to be vocal and honest in order to address it. Juggling work and life is what gets to me, especially when for me they’re so intertwined. I know I should meditate, breathe, sit up straight, use my elastic stretch thingamajig I’ve had in my draw for months – but instead I turn to Nakd bars, and lots of them… This leads to psoriasis and dermatitis, and no one likes spending time at the hospital with this. At better times, I know to breathe deeply (six in, hold for four, out for 10 – this really works), screen breaks and a vitamin D hit. Plus chats with my mama – can’t go wrong with those to bring levity and perspective to situations.

Pia Gill, Lifestyle Account Executive

I’m not really a stress head (people need to chill.) I try to get outside fresh air and vitamin D on my lunch break, and going to the gym everyday keeps me sane as possible. Getting my sweat on brings me balance; boxing and HIIT on the regs is highly therapeutic. Also I walk to work so avoid any commute stress.

Sophie Outram, Beauty Co-ordinator

I feel most stressed if I feel something is out of my control, or if I don’t understand something straight away and keep needing to ask for help.

Most days something will make me feel stressed – that’s just a trait of having to deal with bad anxiety… Having to do something out of my ordinary routine, or just being busy can make me nervous or feel anxious.

In the past, my stress often came out in a really severe panic attack. Now I can keep it under control, and I’m constantly writing and rewriting lists to give my day some structure. If I’m feeling particularly pressured, I can get really snappy with people, or not want to talk to anyone… I tend to make things a lot worse in my head than they actually are.

In my experience, you don’t really get over stress, you just learn to cope with it! Whether it’s making lists, asking someone for help, or just taking a five minute break to breath and drink some water – these things can help reduce your anxiety and stress.

Emily Hall, PR Co-ordinator 

Generally I’m quite calm and laid back, but I can get stressed by deadlines or other people (people with negative energy and those who tend to be over dramatic). If I am stressed, it comes out in my skin; I also act a little bit ‘off’ with people, and won’t want to speak to anyone.

I always think to myself, what’s the point in worrying so much? Then I feel stupid that I’ve let myself get so stressed over something so small.

Bex Broughton, Senior Account Executive

Not having enough hours in the day and lack of sleep stress me out. Generally I don’t sleep well so if I have had a bad night’s sleep, I feel this affects my workload. I’m lucky as I live close to work, so I can zone out, listen to my music and clear my head on my walks to and from the office. For me, music is a release and I relish those moments. I’ve also found the gym hugely helpful and it releases any stress I have had that day; that and a huge glass of wine.  Ideally I would love to spend more time off my phone, but definitely feel this is a work in process.

Zoe Robertson, Beauty Director

I always like to plan ahead and be prepared so I tend to get stressed in situations where there hasn’t been time for either. This sends me into a blind panic and I tend to stick my earphones in, put my head down and not come up for air until my brain has stopped fizzing with everything that needs doing.

To get rid of stress l love to go for a run – being outside in the fresh air really clears my head. I also listen to the app Headspace, and try to meditate on the train into work, to make sure I’m relaxed and in the right frame of mind for the tasks ahead.

Alternatively, a bottle of red tends to put things in perspective and take care of the stress!

Phoebe Allen, Junior Account Executive

I think my stress is caused by three things: lack of time, lack of knowledge or lack of resources. With our kind of job, and living a fast-paced London lifestyle, these issues come up quite regularly. However much you plan, sometimes you just can’t avoid it.

I feel stressed quite frequently unfortunately! Whenever we have a big project it can be difficult to manage your time and ensure everything is completed.

When I’m stressed, I usually just get a bit shorter with my answers and can be blunt without meaning to be. I don’t think I show it too much, there’s usually just an internal ‘AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH’ that’s going on.

As much as I’d like to step away from the situation, often you just have to push through and keep going. I have this completely saddo (but totally helpful) app called MUJI to help me relax if I’m feeling overwhelmed. It has a selection of different noises such as soft running water, a crackling fire, wind rushing through the trees etc. It really helps to focus the mind and stay calm whilst still getting stuff done. I don’t find listening to lyrics or upbeat music helpful, but I do need to block out other people, so this is the perfect app.

Pip Bugg, Editorial Content Manager

Stress is a Bugg family trait, so unfortunately it’s pretty much been bred into me. When I was 18 and on a date, my mum nearly phoned the police when I didn’t answer my phone. My brother bit his fingers until they bled before his GCSE’s. If I’m visiting my grandma and am later than expected, she’ll frantically call my mum to query if I’m still alive. My dad will probably just have a good old swearing session.

I’m not good at dealing with stress, and if you ask me how I am, I’m likely to burst into tears or repetitively tell you I’m fine, as my voice reaches a squeaky high-pitch that only dogs can hear.

Pretentiously, I like to write when I’m stressed. I find it cathartic, and think I produce some of my better pieces when I write in that moment. Overall, I’m not great at dealing with feeling pressured. Right now I’m in the midst of a quarter-life crisis, so it’d be appreciated if you could send some pointers and / or alcohol my way.

Find out more about what’s going on throughout Stress Awareness Month and how you can support it here.

Push x

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